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The “Good News” Of The Fake Catholic Gospel

The “Good News” Of The Fake Catholic Gospel

This is a brief overview of some of the most serious false teachings of the Catholic Church. It is not meant to offend Catholics. It is meant to get their attention and show them major areas of doctrine and practice where their Church is deceiving them and leading them astray from the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible, and in the New Testament in particular. If you are offended by this information, please be assured that its purpose is for the spiritual GOOD of Catholics, that they might ABANDON their Church (yes, that’s right, I said ABANDON it) and it’s many UNBIBLICAL practices and SEEK the truth about Christianity and about salvation, as described in the Bible. If a religion is leading you to Hell with their false plan of salvation, like the Catholic plan of salvation, then you need to stop trusting the eternal destiny of your soul to that religious organization, be it the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society or whatever else is masquerading as the “true” Church started by the Lord Jesus Christ.

List Of Major Fakes (frauds and false teachings) In The Catholic Church:

  1. The Catholic Church promotes a fake Jesus whose death only paid for “original sin”, not all sin, denying 1John 1:7.

  3. The Catholic Church promotes a fake Mary who can’t hear anyone’s prayers but who takes people’s attention away from Jesus, and causes them to want to own millions of statues of her and build shrines to her worldwide. The Catholic Church as so elevated its version of Mary that they have countless songs of praise to Mary, prayers dedicated to Mary, shrines built to honor and glorify Mary and many religious medallions and photos of this “manufactured” Mary.

  5. The Catholic Church promotes fake priests who can’t forgive anyone’s sins, because ONLY GOD can forgive sins, in spite of what the church of Rome claims. Their Church neglects to teach Catholics that the sacrificial priesthood was abolished at Calvary when Jesus cried out “It is finished.” as He died on the cross.

  7. The Catholic Church promotes a fake “holy father” who has the nerve to stand in the place of Jesus Christ. There is only ONE Holy Father, JUST ONE, and He is in Heaven! The last thing that Jesus would ever have established on earth was the elevation of any one person to a godlike position of authority. The highest authority for a true Christian is the Word of God, the Holy Bible, the sacred Scriptures.

  9. The Catholic Church promotes a counterfeit Church made up of fake Christians who call themselves Catholics and who are still spiritually dead and therefore are not part of the true body of Christ, yet they think they’re the one true Church mentioned in the New Testament because their deceptive Church repeatedly tells them they are the “one true Church” started by Jesus Christ in 33AD, when nothing could be further from the true. The TRUE church has the TRUE gospel (the true plan of salvation) by faith in the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

  11. The Catholic Church promotes a fake edible Jesus who is eaten by people who think they can “receive Christ” by ingesting a round wafer that a priest says an incantation over called “the consecration of the host”. Receiving Christ requires a supernatural act of God, whereby the Holy Spirit regenerates a sinner at the point of conversion by GOD. This is called the “new birth” and also known as being “born again” (per John 3:3) or being “born from above”.

  13. The Catholic Church promotes a fake “bible” (their “go to” holy book of answers to spiritual questions) called the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) that allows the Catholic Church to have a reasonable and consistent excuse for every one of their false doctrines and practices.

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