The Many False Claims Of The Roman Catholic Church

Many False Claims Of The Roman Catholic Church

Please note that not all the following Catholic claims are VERBAL or WRITTEN. Some of the claims are by IMPLICATION and by common Catholic PRACTICE. So if you dare to deny any of these claims, then you need to first deny that those Catholic practices exist.

  1. The Roman Catholic Church is the one true Church.
  2. The Catholic Church stated in 33AD.
  3. Peter was the first pope.
  4. Mary was born sinless (immaculate conception).
  5. Mary gave birth to no children besides Jesus, so she was a perpetual virgin.
  6. Mary rose bodily into heaven upon her death.
  7. Mary is a mediatrix who you can and should pray to.
  8. Mary is the mother of God.
  9. Mary is the Queen of Heaven.
  10. Mary is the ark of the New Covenant.
  11. The Catholic eucharist is the literal body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.
  12. Eating a eucharist removes venial sins.
  13. Priests turn wafers into eucharists when they recite their consecration incantation.
  14. Water baptism by a Catholic priest causes a person to be “born again”.
  15. Catholic priests can forgive sins.
  16. Church leaders should be celibate.
  17. Purgatory is a real place where Catholics go when they die.
  18. The pope is the head of the Church on earth.
  19. God doesn’t mind Catholics calling the pope “holy father”.
  20. God is OK with Catholics referring to priests as “father”.
  21. You can pray to saints in heaven for help with things on earth.
  22. The pope makes infallible pronouncements when speaking “Ex-Cathedra”.
  23. Saying masses for the dead in Purgatory can lessen their time there.
  24. There are two classes of sins: mortal and venial.
  25. Only mortal sins can keep you out of heaven.
  26. The Catholic Church gave the world the Bible.
  27. Only the Pope and the Magisterium can be trusted to interpret the Bible.
  28. Catholics don’t worship Mary or dead saints. They venerate and honor them.
  29. Catholic statues are not idols. They are sacred objects.
  30. It is the ignorant and poorly catechized Catholics who leave the Catholic Church.
  31. There were no other Christian churches until the 1500s when Martin Luther came along.
  32. Mary would approve of people making millions of statues of her, thousands of shrines dedicated to her, cemeteries named after her, churches named after her and songs glorifying her.
  33. God wants Catholics to display images of His Son Jesus as a little baby or as a man still dead on the cross or as an effeminate looking hippy.
  34. God wants His Church to have a guarded fortress in Vatican City.
  35. God wants His Church to have political embassies all over the world.
  36. God want His Church to protect their clergy from prosecution when they commit crimes, especially sex crimes.
  37. God wants His Church to have occult symbols in their central courtyard.
  38. God wants His Church to display corpses and body parts of dead Catholics.

Unbiblical Inventions Of The Roman Catholic Church