Resources About Dispensationalism

post-trip pre-trib rapture of the Christian Church

Here are some materials you may wish to examine to see some of the views on Dispensationalism, including some opposing views that are no longer very popular within the Church at large of our day, especially the Church in the United States. Historically, did the corporate Church really believe in and teach about a secret rapture of the Church prior to a 7 year tribulation period? Or did they generally believe that the rapture would be on the Last Day (the end of time), the day of Christ’s return to earth for His Bride, the Church? You may find some surprising answers to these kinds of questions in the resources listed below. No matter what you believe about dispensationalism, be sure you take this Bible verse to heart:

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” Matthew 24:44

Excerpt Of A Video On Dispensationalism – Narrated By Jerry Johnson

This clip is taken from the video “the Late Great Planet Church, the rise of Dispensationalism”.

The full length video is no longer published but occasionally appears for sale on eBay and amazon.