The Real Church

(as compared to fake or counterfeit churches)

3 dollar bill and counterfeit church

The Real Church…

  • Hungers and thirsts for holiness, real fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, commitment and a deeper understanding of their God.
  • Needs no chiors… for they are all “the choir”.
  • Needs no ushers… They meet in each other’s homes.
  • Needs no thimbles of juice or tiny cubes of bread… for they eat hearty meals together.
  • Needs no building programs… Their homes are good enough meeting places for them to worship their God in.
  • Needs no paid professional religious leaders or staff… Their churches are patterned after families, not corporations.
  • Needs no special programs or program leaders… God has graciously gifted each true saint as it pleased Him.
  • Needs no gimmicks or sales techniques to attract people… All true believers have a Spirit in them that craves fellowship with other children of God.
  • Needs no formalized “worship services”… By the leading of the Holy Spirit, they are quite capable of interacting amongst themselves without needing some one-man showman or rock band or professional choir entertaining them for an hour or two.

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”
[John 4:24]


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