How often do I think of God? -- Make that all day long! 
Truth be told, can't get Him out of my mind -- He's the One to Whom I belong. 
In every moment, and every situation -- Even when I'm doing wrong -- 
There's no escape from Him -- So I might as well go along.

Can't stop myself thinking about Him -- How Holy He Is...how holy I ain't! Meditating on the Lord is not always easy -- Not for those whose hearts are faint! But fear of the Lord yields wisdom, As well as knowledge and constraint -- Becoming aware of your wretchedness -- You feel more like sinner than saint!

All day long, walking and talking, In communion and conversation, Confessing my sins, praying for repentance, Sincerely thankful for His consideration, Praying His Indwelling Holy Spirit Would fire me up for praise and adoration, Worshiping Him in this fallen world, Till we go Home for more perfect exaltation!

Many are those compelled to contradict,      Explaining away my God as some imaginary friend -- An invisible companion like children create      In their world of make-believe and pretend... But how can a non-existent being answer prayers --      Just as I was praying them! -- I still can't comprehend... Unless there was Some One listening and hearing --      Caring for me dearly, my petitions to attend..?..

Nestor Jaremko 6-19-2013