Have you ever heard
Music, as it were,
From another world?
It couldn’t be from here —
Nothing like this was ever heard
Anywhere, anytime on this earth,
Except, perhaps at the Savior’s Birth!
No one but I could hear it,
But I was undeterred…
When I first heard this music,
This world began to slowly slip away,
And I knew for certain,
I didn’t want to stay,
Any longer, not a day,
So I planned to make my getaway,
Listening for the music
To show me the way…
But then suddenly just like that,
The music faded away,
And I was lost and hopeless,
Without a place to stay…
Eventually, they locked me up,
And threw the key away…
How long I languished there,
I really cannot say,
A padded cell is soundproof,
But then I heard it anyway —
The sound of distant trumpets
So very far, far away…
This time when they unlock the door
To feed me just like every time before,
They will discover I’ve gone away…
They will search but never find me,
But I’ll be coming back that Day,
With the One Who was born to die,
Who wouldn’t stay in His grave,
But this time when He comes back,
He is coming back to stay!
This time when you see Him,
What is it you’ll say?
I already know,
Because I will say the same:
“Jesus Christ is Lord!”
Every tongue will say.
Jesus Christ is Lord,
Forever and always!!!
Nestor Jaremko 6-24-12017