Eternal Rest

A Poem About The Loss Of Loved Ones

When our Father calls His children
     Heaven’s gates swing open wide.
How we stand and long to follow
     when our loved ones go inside.
Just a step across the threshold
     and they’re in the other room
where the sun ne’er cast a shadow
     and the flowers always bloom.
Where there’s never pain or suffering
     neither sorrow nor distress,
where the Savior calls His children,
     old and young alike, too bless.
Though our hearts are torn with sadness
     and our eyes are dimmed with tears,
we can feel our Savior’s presence
     and we know our prayers He hears.
So we must not mourn their passing
     for our Father knows what’s best.
He’s just called them home to heaven
     and they’ve found eternal rest.
     — Katheryn Brenner Bode