How Christians And Others Can Prepare For The Coming World-Wide Financial Collapse

world wide economic collapse great depression

Two men begging for work during the Great Depression



In this article we will go over some things that people can do to prepare for the coming worldwide economic collapse, when the US “petro-dollar” becomes worthless as the BRICS currency system takes over to replace it in worldwide trade. The people who will be hardest hit will be Americans and people in any other nations that do not get onboard the new asset/commodity-backed BRICS system.

Areas we will be covering include:

  • 1929 Great Depression compared to what is coming
  • Food stockpiling
  • Personal protection
  • Debt reduction
  • Barter items
  • Precious metals investing
  • Land/real-estate investing
  • Safe havens
  • Building Community
  • Working On Spiritual Strength

Brief video about the Great Depression:


1929 Great Depression compared to what is coming

Can we compare something that hasn’t happened yet with something that happened in 1929? Yes, up to a point. We know what things in society and in our economy have changed since the Great Depression – and from that knowledge, we can deduce that a similar economic collapse is liable to be far worse, for reasons such as these:

  • Our country is FAR from self-sufficient any more. Most products are now imported and that includes a LOT of food products.
  • A large amount of medicines are made overseas, medicines that would have catastrophic consequences should they become scarce or unavailable.
  • Few people grow their own food nowadays, yet far more people need to be fed.
  • The morality of society as a whole has declined significantly since 1929, ensuring that people will be more lawless than they were decades ago.
  • MANY more people have become dependent on financial assistance from the government than they ever were in the last century and they would be in big trouble if that government assistance abruptly ended.
  • Many illegal aliens are now in the country, in many densely populated areas, areas that will become battlegrounds when people run out of food.


Food stockpiling

Obviously the most important way to prepare for any disaster, be it economic or even weather related, is to have a decent stockpile of non-perishable food on hand. You want food items that you actually will like eating, will be nutritious, will be easy to prepare, and will have a long shelf life, canned goods and dry goods. Having clean water is just as important. That can mean having a water filtering system, with a decent supply of spare filters and preferably a system that does not require power, but rather is gravity fed. Also things like water purification tablets or drops can be extremely important to have on hand.

Personal protection

Personal protection can take a lot of forms and can depend on where you live and what you are familiar with using and what you are willing to use. That can mean heavy-duty locks on your doors, security cameras, guard dogs, fencing, hand-held weapons, protective clothing (armored vests, etc.). And the old saying “there is strength in numbers” means that good personal protection in a time of crisis involves having enough able-bodied people living with you to keep an eye on your property at all times.

Debt reduction

In the crash of the 1929 Great Depression, many people lost their homes because they did not truly own them. The banks owned them because the banks held the mortgages. You can reduce your debt by paying off your mortgage. But having a paid off mortgage may not be so helpful if you live in an urban area that many not fare very well in a serious crisis. It might be better to NOT pay off your mortgage and buy a cheap property (a 2nd home) in a rural area, for cash… something like a wooded lot with an affordable mobile-home on it. These types of properties are called bug-out residences.

Barter items

When an economic crisis hits, and you don’t have everything you need for long term survival, it is always helpful to have things on hand that you can trade for things you don’t have. Those things to have on hand would need to be things of value to others in a crisis… hand tools, extra clothes and linens, things that could be used to repair stuff that breaks (hardware, adhesives, rope, etc.). Bear in mind that you would not want to be bartering with people who you don’t trust, who may just rob you for whatever you have that they want.

Precious metals investing

Precious metals like silver or gold coins and jewelry are always a way of storing wealth in a form that is easy to barter with or purchase with. But such things are likely to be of little value at the start of a collapse when food, water and medicine are scarce.

Land/real-estate investing

Land is another way of storing wealth for the long term. It can also serve as a safe haven if the land can be easily be converted into living quarters away from urban areas. The best land for this kind of investment would be land that is rural, has a water supply (well, pond or creek), and some sort of housing, be it a camper, mobile home, or even a reasonable size shed, especially one that has been converted into a hunting cabin that you could live in and survive in. That might mean that the shed is insulated and has a wood stove for cooking and heating.

Safe havens

Safe havens in a major time of crisis would be locations where there is a sparse population and perhaps a rural farming population like where there are Amish or Mennonite farming communities or regions where a lot of wild game can be hunted for food. The best safe havens would also be areas where friends or family also have properties – or large properties that could support a network of friends or family members, to provide security and extra-hands for labor, since a serious crisis can easily result in a need to live a more labor-intensive life.

Building Community

As I touched upon above, building community can be crucial to your survival in a crisis situation, be it an economic collapse or a major natural disaster. That community can be your own family members, close friends, or neighbors whom you have developed close friendships with, who you know you can trust in hard times. Building community takes time. Don’t expect to move out to “the boonies” by yourself and then soon after, have all sorts of people around to help you out. So if you are seeking to locate a safe haven away from urban unrest, you should find a place where friends or family already have a safe haven – or a place (preferably rural) that is near friends or family.

Working On Spiritual Strength

The most important way to prepare for ANY crisis, including a major financial crisis, is to be ready to meet God. As you surely know, any of us could leave this world at any time. We could go to sleep tonight and never wake up in the morning. How do we get ready to meet God? There really is only ONE WAY to do that. We need to have a right relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Being who can gain us entrance into Heaven. Why is that? Because Jesus was crucified, died, buried and came back from the dead, proving that He was and is God in the flesh. And He said that He came into this world to save sinners, which He in fact did – by His sacrificial death. That death is the ONLY payment for our sins that God will accept, in order to be granted entrance into heaven, to have eternal fellowship with God and His children. We learn all about the Lord Jesus and our dire need for Him by reading the Bible. A brief description of our spiritual situation is described in these Bible verses:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved [exposed].” John 3:16-20


“Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near” Isaiah 55:6

If you already are ready to meet God, then you still need to work on your spiritual life to ensure that you can handle hard times when they come. Living a life of self-denial and of service to others is one of the best ways to be spiritually prepared for hard times. Along with that, includes a life of prayer, bible study and discipleship. Focusing primarily on personal comfort and on the things of this world will not prepare a Christian for hard times. Things of this world includes spending your money to have the nicest home, newest car, fancy clothes, dining out, the biggest newest tv, the best streaming movie subscriptions, going on elaborate vacations and spending time on expensive, time-consuming hobbies… basically doing the same kinds of things that your unsaved friends, neighbors and relatives are doing, who are living solely for this world, with no thought of preparing for eternity with God.

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Woman and her children living in a beat-up shack during the Great Depression


God’s Soon Coming Judgment

Earth on fire as judgment from God arrives world-wide


I am starting to believe that 2024 may likely be a very difficult year around the world in terms of disease, social unrest, wars, rioting, financial collapse, starvation and death. God’s judgment appears to be coming soon, perhaps very soon. We have SO many signs around us, all having to do with lawlessness, in individuals and in society. And such are the signs that always, throughout history, have signaled coming judgment from God. I will list those major signs below.

Major sign #1: rampant child sacrifice

Not only is the U.S. a nation of child sacrifice, but the entire world now practices it. God will soon avenge the blood of the innocents. Can you comprehend the death statistics in this table? More than 1.6 BILLION unborn babies aborted since 1980! That does not even include the prior 7 years, following the 1973 U.S. Supreme court’s infamous Roe Vs. Wade decision, legalizing abortion throughout the United States! 1.6 billion is about 20 percent (one fifth) of the current population of the entire world! So that’s like killing off one out of ever five people on earth!

abortion totals in the united states and worldwide


Major sign #2: rampant homosexuality and perversion

Sodomy now is out of control. Many homosexuals are now in positions of political power and are demanding that everyone praise their sin rather than condemn it as God does. Some degenerates even have no shame about promoting pedophilia.

Which country has the most people that identify as LGBTQ

Looking at the above statistics, is it any wonder that Australia had the most brutal “lockdowns” and quarantines during the COVID pandemic? Is it any surprise that as the citizens of a nation become more morally bankrupt, their governments become more corrupt, threatening and repressive?

Major sign #3: rampant heterosexual immorality

Many hetersexual couples don’t bother to get married. Many of them even have many partners before they even find someone for a long term out-of-wedlock relationship. In other words…. we now are living in a day when the entire world is as ungodly as Sodom and Gomorrah. If God utterly destroyed those 2 cities, I don’t think it will be long before He judges this world.

morality of having baby out of wedlock

In many countries more than 50 percent of the couples having children are not married:

out of wedlock birthrate by country

Not shown in the chart above: the United States is at 40 percent and the United Kingdom is at 49 percent (out of wedlock birthrate).

Major sign #4: rampant sexual confusion

We live in a day when people claim they can change their sex and where they can invent any “gender identity” for themselves that their delusional minds choose. And the corrupt medical system encourages them to believe that insanity, to the point of performing genital mutilations and hormone “therapy” on confused children, which results in serious mental and physical health problems. Even very young children are TAUGHT that they can change their sex and being told they can decide what gender they wish to be, as if the body and the hormones you were given – by God – at birth, is something easily modified by medications and surgery. Children and adults are being told that they don’t even have to identify as human. They can identify as whatever their confused minds wish to identify as, even as a cat or a dog. And parents are entertaining such insanity… and encouraged to do so. A professor with a Phd in Education tells us that there are 81 genders according to his calculations.

gender identity confusion list

Somebody needs to tell the medical establishment that there are over 2,000 biological differences between men and women and they are not reprogrammable with drugs or scalpels. Here are just 25 of those differences and they are all very significant. Those built-in differences don’t just unplug “at will” nor can they be swapped out like you would swap out batteries in cars. And just because you are delusional or have some profound identity problem does not mean that the rest of the world has to pretend that your delusions are reality.

Major sign #5: rampant corruption in government at all levels

Political leaders worldwide and at all levels of government are becoming more corrupt and evil, creating laws to punish those who are decent and moral, while at the same time, creating laws to protect and reward those who are corrupt and evil. They are taking bribes and kickbacks and offering contracts and funding to their partners in crime. They are making more and more laws to protect and promote indecency while seeking to take rights away from law-abiding citizens. You can now expect to get arrested for defending yourself, your family and your property but at the same time, criminals are free to loot stores, and perform indecent acts in front of children at what are called “drag queen shows”. Males that simply claim they identify as females, can now invade girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms. Public schools are placing pornographic books in their school libraries and teaching children that they can chose whatever gender and whatever “alternative lifestyle” they desire. Parents are kept in the dark about what their children are being taught and are being treated as troublemakers for daring to speak out about these things at school board meetings even though it is their children who are at risk and their property taxes funding the school systems and paying the teacher’s salaries.

Major sign #6: rampant proliferation of false teachers and false doctrine in churches

The most visible Christian preachers and teachers today are those who are front-and-center on television. They tend to be the most deceptive, greedy, corrupt and unbiblical of all preachers and teachers and they tend to have the greatest number of followers. Their followers tend to have “itching ears” or are too lazy to fact-check their pastors against scripture. And their followers may be in as much spiritual darkness as the false shepherds they are listening to.

modern day wolves in sheeps clothing Christian pastors

These false teachers and preachers typically preach the “me” gospel, a self-centered view of Christianity including things like what are mentioned here:

  • God wants you to be rich or He at least wants to bless you financially.
  • God wants your church service to be entertaining like the world entertains the worldly.
  • God wants you to focus on getting all your health problems miraculously solved rather than having a healthy diet, good exercise, and being content no matter what your health is like.
  • You don’t need to care about redeeming the time because you’re going to get raptured off of this planet any day now.
  • You don’t need to witness (share your faith) to others because that’s your preacher’s job.
  • You don’t need to STUDY the Bible. You can just let some preacher spoon-feed you.

Major sign #7: hatred for God’s people and persecution against them

Ever since the Bible was removed from public schools in America, morality has been on the decline. Christian ethics were quickly replaced with atheism and secular humanism along with “situational ethics”. Many people who grew up with – and were indoctrinated with – this godless education system, now demand tolerance for every kind of sinful and rebellious behavior but they have zero tolerance for moral absolutes especial with respect to Christianity. We saw this plain as day when the Roe Versus Wade decision was overturned by the US Supreme Court. People came out of every hole in the ground demanding the “right” to kill unborn children, insisting that somehow, women had the right to take a human life, as long as they referred to that life as a fetus, not a child. And while defending their perceived right to kill the unborn, some took the liberty to vandalize churches and Christian Crisis pregnancy centers, with almost no public outcry and few if any legal repercussions.

attacks on churches and pro-life centers

In the past year, police have arrested peaceful protestors outside of drag queen events that target children, rather than arresting the child predators. Police have arrested people praying outside of abortion clinics, even people praying SILENTLY rather than arresting those committing infanticide inside those abortion mills.


When the government and law enforcement start targeting the righteous and protecting the unrighteous in society, it won’t be long before the hammer of God’s judgment comes slamming down on this world, with a thunderous blast that will get everyone’s attention, whether they repent or not. May the hard times on the horizon serve as a means of getting people’s attention and humbling them and softening their hard hearts, that they would seek the Lord while He may be found.

Can We Blame God For The Evil In The World?

Can We Blame God For The Evil In The World


Isn’t God the one who gave us life, knowing what we would do with that life? Doesn’t God know what He causes and causes what He knows? Can we be blamed for the evil in the world if God is all powerful and all knowing? Let’s now take a look at what Gordon H. Clark said about these issues in his book titled “Omniscience, God and Evil“.

Omniscience, God and Evil:”

Not only does free will fail to relieve God of culpability, and permission fail to coexist with omnipotence, but the Arminian position can find no logical position for omniscience either. A Romanist-Arminian illustration is that of an observer on a high cliff. On the road below, to the observer’s left, a car is being driven west. To the observer’s right a car is coming south. He can see and know that there will be a collision at the intersection immediately beneath him. But his foreknowledge, so the argument runs, does not cause the accident. Similarly, God is supposed to know the future without causing it. The similarity, however, is deceptive on several points. A human observer cannot really know that a collision will occur. Though it is unlikely, it is possible for both cars to have blowouts before reaching the intersection and swerve apart. It is also possible that the observer has misjudged the speeds, in which case one car could slow down and the other accelerate, so that they would not collide. The human observer, therefore, does not have infallible foreknowledge. No such mistakes can be assumed for God. The human observer may make a probable guess that the accident will occur, and this guess does not make the accident unavoidable; but if God knows, there is no possibility of avoiding the accident. A hundred years before the drivers were born, there was no possibility of avoiding the accident. There was no possibility that either one of them could have chosen to stay home that day, to have driven a different route, to have driven a different time, to have driven a different speed. They could not have chosen otherwise than as they did. This means either that they had no free will or that God did not know.

“Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.” Acts 15:18

Suppose it be granted, just for the moment, that divine foreknowledge, like human guesses, does not cause the foreknown event. Even so, if there is foreknowledge, in contrast with fallible guesses, free will is impossible. If man has free will, and things can be different, God cannot be omniscient. Some Arminians have admitted this and have denied omniscience, but this puts them obviously at odds with Biblical Christianity. There is also another difficulty. If the Arminian or Romanist wishes to retain divine omniscience and at the same time assert that foreknowledge has no causal efficacy, he is put to it to explain how the collision was made certain a hundred years, an eternity, before the drivers were born. If God did not arrange the universe this way, who did?
If God did not arrange it this way, then there must be an independent factor in the universe. And if there is such, one consequence and perhaps two follow. First, the doctrine of creation must be abandoned. A creation ex nihilo would be completely in God’s control. Independent forces cannot be created forces, and created forces cannot be independent. Then, second, if the universe is not God’s creation, his knowledge of it – past and future – cannot depend on what he intends to do, but on his observation of how it works. In such a case, how could we be sure that God’s observations are accurate? How could we be sure that these independent forces will not later show an unsuspected twist that will falsify God’s predictions? And, finally, on this view God’s knowledge would be empirical, rather than an integral part of his essence, and thus he would be a dependent knower. These objections are insurmountable. We can consistently believe in creation, omnipotence, omniscience, and the divine decree. But we cannot retain sanity and combine any one of these with free will.

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Doctrines That Christians And Denominations May Disagree On

various bible doctrines christians disagree on


I was inspired to put together this list after viewing a similar list that another Christian posted on the Internet. I felt that the other list needed clarification and additions in order to more clearly state doctrines that Christians and denominations differ on.

List of Christian disagreements:

Here is a list of many of the points of disagreement between individual Christians and between Christian denominations (and non-denominations).

  1. The part that sinners play in their salvation (election versus free-will)
  2. The extent or scope of mankind’s “free-will” (Arminianism, Calvinism, Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism)
  3. The scope of Christ’s atonement (He died for every one or only for God’s Elect)
  4. Eternal Security (poorly stated as “Once Saved Always Saved”)
  5. Conditional Salvation (the belief that you can lose your salvation)
  6. The need to follow Old Testament law
  7. The need to celebrate Old Testament feast days
  8. End time chronology (Amillenialism, Premillinnialism, Postmillenialism)
  9. Rapture timing (Pre-trib, Mid-trib, Pre-wrath, Post-trib, Pan-trib – it happens when it happens)
  10. Modes of baptism (sprinkling, immersion, pouring)
  11. The candidates for baptism (infant baptism versus believer’s-only baptism)
  12. Baptismal regeneration (is water baptism necessary for salvation)
  13. Meaning of “baptism in the Holy Ghost”
  14. Sign gifts (speaking in tongues, miraculous healings, gift of prophecy)
  15. Bible versions (KJV, modern versions, paraphrased versions, etc.)
  16. Communion frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  17. Communion format (with a fellowship meal or stand-alone)
  18. Closed communion or open communion (members only or anyone?)
  19. Style of worship (contemporary/bands, traditional/organ, choir, acappella only, etc.)
  20. Type of music (hymns, modern songs, psalms only, etc.)
  21. Type of leadership (elders, single pastor, multiple pastors, all men taking turns, women preaching)
  22. Type of church service (interactive, non-interactive where only a certain set of people speak or sing)
  23. The role of national Israel in the last days
  24. Is the practice of tithing for today?
  25. Should women be pastors?
  26. Should churches be incorporated?
  27. Should Christians celebrate Christmas or Easter?
  28. Should Christians meet on Saturday or Sunday and does it matter?
  29. What names should we use for God and Jesus (Hebrew names only?)
  30. Is Genesis chapter 1 to be taken literally (creationism versus evolution)


Obviously, if we are honest, not every Christian has every answer right. Is every other Christian a heretic if they disagree with us? No, they are simply misinformed or mistaught. The Holy Spirit is in every believer to lead us into all truth, but He has us to contend with our own individual prejudices and our personal history of false teachings. The Bible is God’s authoritative Word but we can spend too much time accusing and condemning the brethren in Christ because they differ in their interpretation with us on some particular point of doctrine. We all imperfectly interpret scripture. What if we’re calling one Christian a heretic, and it turns out we’re the one that’s wrong on the issue. I’m sure not right about everything. I’ve personally changed views on many doctrines, and I’ve learned to accept some doctrines that I was once unsure of. — RM Kane

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The Incredible Awesomeness Of God’s Creation

Incredible Awesome Design Displayed In Gods Creation


I was inspired to write this article as I sat outside in my back yard this summer just before sundown, and looked up and around at God’s magnificent creation all around me… the tall trees, the birds chirping, the blue sky, the green grass, and so much more. I heard the robins giving what I think is their warning call. I absolutely love robins… They are so gentle and so protective of their young. They constantly chirp a warning signal if anything or anyone gets too close to their nest.

The Tremendous Variety In God’s Design

As I thought about these things I wondered about just how MANY things, how many living creatures God has created. And bear in mind that these living creatures do not even take into account God’s creation of various inorganic “elements” in our world… metals, gasses, and other “inert” materials that God created.

More Design In Creation Than Mankind Can Even Account For

Do you know that even the greatest researchers and scientists don’t know how many different life-forms exist on planet earth. They don’t have a clue as evidenced by this quote from

Current estimates for the number of species on Earth range between 5.3 million and 1 trillion. [1]

There are many species that they know have not even been discovered yet. What is ironic, is that the people that promote evolution can’t even agree with each other as to how many species there are from the various categories of species (plants, mammals, fish, etc) yet they claim to know for sure that all those species evolved from some gigantic explosion billion of years ago, an explosion that they can’t identify the source of and of materials in that explosion that they can’t identify with any degree of certainty either. Nor can they explain how an explosion can create order and design in the observable universe.

Let’s Look At Just ONE Design

Let’s see how much intelligent design went into just ONE of God’s creatures. Let’s look at the spider, like the one shown at the top of this article. Spiders are born knowing how to design a web. They are born with a built-in web-making machine – their silk supply. They are born with oily feet so they won’t stick to their own web. They are born with fangs. These fangs they are born with are connected to a supply of venom. They use those fangs to inject that venom into their victims to paralyze those victims and dissolve the tissues of those victims. All their limbs are designed to work in unison to allow the spider to have smooth movement in all directions. They know to jump or run if they are being attacked. Did you know that about 99% of all spiders have eight eyes. But some have six, four, two or none at all. Spiders with at least 4 eyes, have two types of eyes: a large pair of primary eyes that form images, and a secondary pair of eyes that enable spiders to track movements and gauge distances. If there is no Intelligent Designer, then where did spiders learn how to do so many things from birth and how could the evolutionary fairy tale of “random chance” explain the level of complexity seen in just this one creature, a bug? The answer of course is that God’s magnificent creative design is built-into these creatures and all living things.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” Romans 18-20


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  2. Abiogenesis: Can Life Come from Non-Living Chemicals?
  3. The Origin of Life
  4. Biological Evolution

— RM Kane