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Famous False Christian Teachers & Preachers


Just a word of introduction: Not every doctrine of the false Christian teachers and preachers mentioned here is erroneous or heretical. However, the common errors include ecumenism (fellowshipping with false teachers) and blending psychology with biblical Christianity. Also, many of these teachers are reluctant to speak out against error and against false churches, false preachers and false practices. Other common problems are that the preachers preach a false (synergistic) gospel that gives unsaved man credit for being better than God says he is (and not as spiritually dead as God says he is). Many of these false teachers are afraid to call the Roman Catholic Church a false church that promotes a false, works-based gospel.

four famous false apostate christian bible preachers and teachers


False Teacher #1: Billy Graham – BG Evangelistic Association


False Teacher #2: Robert Schuller- The Crystal Cathedral Church


False Teacher #3: Joel Osteen – Lakewood Mega-Church


False Teacher #4: Benny Hinn – Faith World Church


False Teacher #5: Chuck Colson – Prison Fellowship Ministry


False Teacher #6: Woodrow Kroll – Back To The Bible Program


False Teacher #7: David Jeremiah – Turning Point Ministry


False Teacher #8: Dave Hunt – The Berean Call Ministry


False Teacher #9: James Dobson – Focus On The Family Ministry


False Teacher #10: Joyce Meyer


False Teacher #11: Pat Roberson – CBN TV Network


False Teacher #12: Chuck Smith – Calvary Chapel Church Network


False Teacher #13: Rick Warren – The Purpose Driven Church


False Teacher #14: Mother Teresa – Catholic Superhero & Nun


False Teacher #15: Charles Stanley – TV Preacher


False Teacher #16: Chuck Swindoll


False Teacher #17: Hank Hanegraff – Christian Research institute


False Teacher #18: Tm LaHaye – The Left Behind Movie





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