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What The World Is Saying To God

What God Is Saying To The World & What The World Is Saying To God


“And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” – Matthew 3:17


What God Is Saying To The World:

This is my beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He has come to pay for your sins by his death. No other payment for your sins is needed and no other sacrifice for your… Continue reading

Misunderstood Bible Verses Series – Acts 16:31

Misunderstood Bible Verses Series

Acts 16:31

One very often misunderstood Bible verse is found in the book of Acts where Peter was speaking with :
“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” (Acts 16:31)
Is the Bible really teaching that we can make something happen just by believing it? Consider these situations for example:

God Loves Everybody. He Even Loved Hitler!

God Loves Everybody… He Even Loved Hitler!

Does God Love Everybody Even Adolph Hitler

Ben Chwarmer: Pastor Joe says God loves everybody and that He even loved the satanic genicidal maniac Adolph Hitler! God would have saved Hitler if he would have accepted Jesus before he died, and maybe he actually did that.
Bible Believer: But how does your pastor know who God loves?
Ben Chwarmer: Well God loves everybody doesn’t He?
Bible Believer: In Psalms 5:5 and Psalms 11:5 the Bible says… Continue reading

Quotes By Puritans And Famous Calvinists

Quotes By Puritans And Famous Calvinists

We Hope You Enjoy These Gems Of Wisdom From Great Men Of God.


Quotes by famous calvinists



“Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” – Charles Spurgeon



“If by excessive labor, we die before reaching the average age of man, worn out in the Master’s service, then glory be to God, we shall have so much less of earth and so much more of heaven!” – Charles Spurgeon



“If… Continue reading

Intended Atonement

Intended Atonement

What was the Lord’s intention in His death?
Was His intention to save all of Adam’s race?
If it was, He failed miserably.
Was His intent to make salvation available if we do our part?
That would not help us at all!
We cannot do our part!
His intent was to save the elect!
“And this is the will of Him that sent Me, that of all which He hath… Continue reading

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Featured Gospel Message

Christ Died For The Ungodly

by Horatius Bonar

The divine testimony concerning man is, that he is a sinner. God bears witness against him, not for him; and testifies that "there is none righteous, no, not one"; that there is "none that doeth good"; none "that understandeth"; none that even seeks after God, and, still more, none that loves Him (Psa. 14:1-3; Rom. 3:10-12). God speaks of man kindly, but severely; as one yearning over a lost child, yet as one who will make no terms with sin, and will "by no means clear the guilty." <continued>

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