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Doctrines That Christians And Denominations May Disagree On

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Doctrines That Christians And Denominations May Disagree On

various bible doctrines christians disagree on


I was inspired to put together this list after viewing a similar list that another Christian posted on the Internet. I felt that the other list needed clarification and additions in order to more clearly state doctrines that Christians and denominations differ on.

List of Christian disagreements:

Here is a list of many of the points of disagreement between individual Christians and between Christian denominations (and non-denominations).

  1. The part that sinners play in their salvation (election versus free-will)
  2. The extent or scope of mankind’s “free-will” (Arminianism, Calvinism, Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism)
  3. The scope of Christ’s atonement (He died for every one or only for God’s Elect)
  4. Eternal Security (poorly stated as “Once Saved Always Saved”)
  5. Conditional Salvation (the belief that you can lose your salvation)
  6. The need to follow Old Testament law
  7. The need to celebrate Old Testament feast days
  8. End time chronology (Amillenialism, Premillinnialism, Postmillenialism)
  9. Rapture timing (Pre-trib, Mid-trib, Pre-wrath, Post-trib, Pan-trib – it happens when it happens)
  10. Modes of baptism (sprinkling, immersion, pouring)
  11. The candidates for baptism (infant baptism versus believer’s-only baptism)
  12. Baptismal regeneration (is water baptism necessary for salvation)
  13. Meaning of “baptism in the Holy Ghost”
  14. Sign gifts (speaking in tongues, miraculous healings, gift of prophecy)
  15. Bible versions (KJV, modern versions, paraphrased versions, etc.)
  16. Communion frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  17. Communion format (with a fellowship meal or stand-alone)
  18. Closed communion or open communion (members only or anyone?)
  19. Style of worship (contemporary/bands, traditional/organ, choir, acappella only, etc.)
  20. Type of music (hymns, modern songs, psalms only, etc.)
  21. Type of leadership (elders, single pastor, multiple pastors, all men taking turns, women preaching)
  22. Type of church service (interactive, non-interactive where only a certain set of people speak or sing)
  23. The role of national Israel in the last days
  24. Is the practice of tithing for today?
  25. Should women be pastors?
  26. Should churches be incorporated?
  27. Should Christians celebrate Christmas or Easter?
  28. Should Christians meet on Saturday or Sunday and does it matter?
  29. What names should we use for God and Jesus (Hebrew names only?)
  30. Is Genesis chapter 1 to be taken literally (creationism versus evolution)


Obviously, if we are honest, not every Christian has every answer right. Is every other Christian a heretic if they disagree with us? No, they are simply misinformed or mistaught. The Holy Spirit is in every believer to lead us into all truth, but He has us to contend with our own individual prejudices and our personal history of false teachings. The Bible is God’s authoritative Word but we can spend too much time accusing and condemning the brethren in Christ because they differ in their interpretation with us on some particular point of doctrine. We all imperfectly interpret scripture. What if we’re calling one Christian a heretic, and it turns out we’re the one that’s wrong on the issue. I’m sure not right about everything. I’ve personally changed views on many doctrines, and I’ve learned to accept some doctrines that I was once unsure of. — RM Kane

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