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How To Reduce Your Exposure To Microwave Radiation In Your Home

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How To Reduce Your Exposure To Microwave Radiation In Your Home

how to reduce lower 5G wifi cell phone micro wave radiation dangers risks health hazards

There is a health issue that most people don’t think about these days and that is: microwave radiation from all the wifi and bluetooth devices we use, all day, every day. That radiation can be very hazardous to your heath! See the article listed at the bottom of this article for more information about those health hazards.
This is all the stuff I got rid of that had been emitting microwave radiation in my home:
1. wireless computer mouse… switched back to wired mouse.
2. wireless computer keyboard… switched back to wired keyboard.
3. cordless phone for my land-line… switched back to a corded phone with a long phone cord. Are you in love with your super-portable cordless phone? You won’t be after you watch this: Does A Cordless Phone Give Off Radiation?
4. cell phone… it’s only on when making outbound calls while outside the home … i.e. on the road… and it is NOT 5G capable, only 4G-LTE, which uses lower, safer microwaves to send and receive phone calls.
5. wifi router… I replaced it with an older “network switch” that only uses ethernet cables. NOTE: turning off the wifi function on a wifi router does not necessarily turn off the radiation. It may just stop the router from accepting requests for data from your wifi devices. So if your wireless device “sees” your wifi router even when you have the router’s wifi function disabled, then you know that the radiation is still present.
6. android tablet… I keep the wifi off and now use an ethernet cable to hook it to my WIRED home network via an adapter in the tablet’s USB-C port. Yes, I know that doing this inhibits the portability of such devices. That’s the tradeoff for protecting your brain cells from being fried. If you crave portability then you are craving fried brains and other forms of microwave-induced cancer.
7. wifi capable printer… I connected it to my home network with an ethernet cable.
8. wireless headphones… I only use wired headphones now.
9. microwave oven… I use a hot water kettle or toaster oven or regular stove instead. In the winter, I sometimes use my wood stove.
10. I keep wifi and blue-tooth features turned off on my computers and other wifi-capable devices too.
This list above is by no means complete. I have used an RF/EMF radiation meter in my home and found that even LED light bulbs give off certain types of radio-frequency or electro-magnetic radiation, though I do not know how dangerous that radiation is. But from what I have read about LED lights, it is the bluer lights that can cause problems to your eyes, your retina in particular. Here is more information about that:

This world sure is getting to be a dangerous place to live in, is it not?
If you need any incentive to actually DO something about RF and EMF radiation health hazards, I offer you this article to chew on:
5G Cell Tower Caused 51 Strokes Alleges Woman Who Sues AT&T
I’ve documented all sorts of problems with the microwave signals put out by all types of modern electronic devices – including from cell towers – in this article:
Health Risks/Dangers Of Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Wifi & Bluetooth Devices

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