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Protestant Martyrs And The Bloody Inquisitions Of The Catholic Church

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Protestant Martyrs And The Bloody Inquisitions Of The Catholic Church

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One of the most neglected areas of knowledge in the modern church is that of the Protestant martyrs. It seems that when we speak of the history of Christendom we omit the fact that the Roman Catholic Church during the middle ages murdered thousands of true Christians. I would not doubt for a minute this is intentional since so many of the so-called, self-appointed “Christian Leaders” of today are courting the Roman Church. Rome, right down to today, has been the outright enemy of true Christianity. The blood of the Protestant martyrs flowed generously at the hand of their Roman Catholic tormentors. Rome has never backed down from her satanic desire to bring all religions under her despotic rule. Rome did not succeed in the middle ages and as long as there is one King James Version of the Bible around today, she will fail miserably again.
Many thanks go to the Protestant Alliance in Bedford, England for the articles contained herein keeping the blood of the martyrs forever before us, lest we forget and believe the modern traitors to Christ who court Rome.

Unless otherwise noted the Protestant Martyrs articles contained herein are from “The Reformer” published by:
     The Protestant Alliance
     Website: protestant-alliance.org


The Martyrs And The Inquisitions

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