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Martin Luther at the Diet Of Worms in Germany in 1521

What This Internet Ministry Is About


ComingInTheClouds.org Is All About Christian Discipleship & Biblical Truth Seeking…


This website and Internet ministry is here for the benefit of both Christians and non-Christians.  We are here to help Christians find out if people they are listening to and learning from are telling them the truth and if their church leaders are forgetting to teach them anything important. Another important purpose of this site is to help non-Christians find out why they are here in this world and where they are going when they leave this world at death. Whatever you do, check out what everybody says. Don’t blindly follow or believe people without doing your own THOROUGH investigation. Your eternal destiny is too important to trust to some so-called religious authorities.


You can keep up to date with this site by subscribing to our RSS feed.  Also, more graphics and slideshows are in the works including some slideshow videos.  And Lord willing, I’ll be doing some mini video broadcasts covering some of our major topics, to be posted on this site and at our youtube channel.


This site is the result of years of wandering through a spiritual desert, after becoming saved by the grace of God.   It represents things learned along the way after visiting many churches and denominations, after being a member of some of those denominations (and non-denominations).   The road has been bumpy and full of turns but God in His faithfulness has directed me (brother Ray) to truth on many issues that I and other folks have often scratched our heads about.  In this process God has used various people, some Christians, some atheists, some friends, some family, some strangers.  It took quite a few years before I realized that most churches teach very little – if anything – about church history, including the Protestant Reformation.  Instead they focus on their own little world, their specific denomination and its biases, with the result often being a seriously wrong view of God’s sovereignty and man’s lostness and his complete inability to participate in his salvation.


Most churches nowadays practice what you might call “Church-ianty”, not Christianity.  They’ve lost sight of what God wants of His people and how He wants them to interact when they gather together. So you have people who really don’t know each other, just getting together in a building to play “Simon Says” with a paid religious professional.  No one knows much of anything about the people in the church building who are standing right next to them unless they live in the same house.  The only people in church who use their gifts are the pastors and sometimes the elders.  And the only gifts THEY use are their teaching gifts.  This is WAY OFF from what the true church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be doing when they all assemble in one place.  The whole idea of a worship service is man-made to begin with.  Those who are seeking the kind of church found in the first century, in the book of Acts, will want to check out the articles on “Church – What Its All About“.


For those who may think that to express concern about how Christians live and act is to be legalistic, I would recommend reading the article “Legalistic Or Antiseptic” to get a biblical perspective on legalism versus biblical correction.

If you wish to see what we believe about God and the Gospel click HERE.


On a more personal noteray-and-valerie-portrait-400


I can’t talk about this ministry without mentioning my late wife Valerie.  Her sudden passing from cancer taught me many things about marriage that I wish I had learned earlier on in my marriage while there was still time to do something about it. My wife’s love for the great outdoors taught me to more fully enjoy God’s great handiwork of creation. Her lifelong battle with kidney disease (and 3 transplants spanning 42 years) taught me that we have no excuse to complain about our minor health problems, but instead should be focusing on how we can minister to those whose health problems are way larger than our own. And lastly, the abruptness of my wife’s death has impressed upon me how important it is to really focus on the Lord, on prayer, on the study of the Word and on the needs of – and relationships to – people, over and above any other “ministry”. “Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the Church and gave himself for it” [Eph 5:25]. You probably won’t have any second chances to get your marriage right.


In Christ’s service by His Grace alone,


brother Ray



PS: The photo at the top shows the reformer Martin Luther (a Catholic Monk and Bible scholar), refuting the errors in biblical doctrine and in the unbiblical practices and tradtions of the Church of Rome in the town of Worms, Germany in 1521…



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