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Dialog About A Modern Church Service

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Dialog About A Modern Church Service

people visiting modern contemporary Christian church service

Modern Pastor: So now that you have visited our church a few times, what do you think of it?

Church Visitor: I love the people here, its just that…
Modern Pastor: What? What is it? Something about our church you don’t like?
Church Visitor: Well, I am not a big fan of your modern Bible version.
Modern Pastor: What’s wrong with that? It’s so easy to read and understand.
Church Visitor: It may be easy to read and understand but it is based on corrupt Greek manuscripts that seriously affect the meaning of many important doctrines.
Modern Pastor: What else don’t you like about our church?
Church Visitor: Well, I could do without your dumbed down worship songs and super loud rock band.
Modern Pastor: But our songs are so easy to remember and we want to attract young people who like that kind of music. And when it is nice and loud people don’t get embarrassed when they can’t hold a tune since nobody is able to hear them and they can’t even hear themselves.
Church Visitor: But weekly church meetings are for BELIEVERS to fellowship together in song, bible teaching, prayer and even to break bread (a real meal) together, not to see how many unsaved people can be attracted to a meeting hall with a rock band – especially people who don’t want to have Christ-centered meetings anyway.
Modern Pastor: Is there anything else you have a problem with here?
Church Visitor: Yes there is, and it’s a very important issue. Your “love gospel” is not even 50% right. You never mention Hell, the holiness of God, His hatred of sin or His anger towards the wicked.
Modern Pastor: Well we don’t want to turn off anyone. We let God worry about those things. Our focus is on unity. Doctrine only causes division.
Church Visitor: Doctrine is what separates the wheat from the chaff.


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