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The Root Of Modern Christian Ignorance

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The Root Of Modern Christian Ignorance

Root of modern church ignorance

The modern Christian church is teeming with people who say they are believers but seem to know very little about doctrine, including what their own denomination believes and where those beliefs originated. I believe there are at least two major causes for this, besides the fact that there are probably a lot of goats among the sheep in many congregations. One cause for this ignorance is that modern society is structured to create an “ignorance-is-bliss” mindset, relying on others to study and research things for them. That structure, designed by the “powers that be” is a structure engineered to create a dumbed-down, submissive, compliant, ignorant public, a public that can be easily manipulated. This structure has been created by the mass media, social media, the entertainment industry and the public education system and it is amazingly effective at molding public opinion on issues that the public might not otherwise care one bit about, while expertly distracting the public away from issues that might literally cause them to rise up and rebel.
The dumbed-down public now makes up a large part of the corporate Church. So, this group of dumbed-down Christians may have learned very little about “critical thinking” (analytical thinking, alternative views, thinking “outside the box”), having been taught in a minimally interactive speaker-audience public school environment for 12 or more years. I would call this the “regurgitation” method of teaching. Someone “up front” gives lectures and the audience then regurgitates that information on exams and in homework assignments. Don’t even think of questioning or challenging your school teacher or professor. Sure you can ask questions and ask for clarification but you dare not question their authority nor the validity of the things they are trying to indoctrinate you in. Likewise, don’t ever interrupt your preacher to ask a question or to challenge his dogma. It was far easier for people to ask Jesus questions openly and publicly than it is to ask your average pastor when he’s giving his sacred spiel (his weekly sermon).
The other part of the ignorance equation is in the structure of conventional churches and their mindset that churches need to be run by imported bible college and seminary graduates. Yet Christian higher education has resulted in many serious problems including the perpetuation of the unbiblical and spiritually unhealthy clergy-laity system and the proliferation of whatever bad theology was popular at your pastor’s Bible college.
Bible colleges and seminaries are clearly a big part of the problems we see in dumbed-down Christians. Young people, saved or not, attend the many modern “Christian” institutes of higher learning, never realizing that those institutions were infiltrated a long time ago by liberals and others who don’t know (and may not even care) about how to run a biblical local church. So these institutions OMIT some of the most important subjects in all of Christianity and they promote the errors of the last 2000 years of Christendom. People come out of Bible schools thinking they are all set to start leading a church and yet not only are they not spiritually mature and spiritually qualified, it is very likely that they were either misled or not taught about many critical issues such as:

  • corrupt Bible manuscripts and Bible versions in widespread use today
  • ecclesiology and the vital need to abandon the ever-popular, highly unbiblical, seriously ineffective, counter-productive clergy-laity system
  • the Protestant Reformation and other important areas of church history
  • the truth about election and predestination and God’s sovereignty in salvation
  • the need to avoid 501c3 incorporation of churches
  • the need to teach new Christians what the gospel really is and how to share it, teaching them by example, by going out and doing it.

I could go on and on about this. It is because of the enormous problems with modern Christian institutes of higher learning that I found myself in a big predicament well over 30 years ago, soon after becoming saved. As I was discipling myself, testing the spirits, proving all things and earnestly contending for the faith – I was finding myself more at odds with the establishment (popular modern Christendom) and more of an “odd man out” in the local church, just about any local church. So, knowing that I could not let a worldly dumbed-down Church get in the way of the great commission (to make disciples and share the gospel), I ended up writing my own gospel tracts, my own bible studies and setting up a Christian website (for discipleship and evangelism) and fellowshipping when I could and where I could, with a core group of strong, like-minded believers that I have met along life’s way. — R.M. Kane

Though none go with me, still I will follow;
No turning back, no turning back.



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