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God’s Soon Coming Judgment

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God’s Soon Coming Judgment

Earth on fire as judgment from God arrives world-wide


I am starting to believe that 2024 may likely be a very difficult year around the world in terms of disease, social unrest, wars, rioting, financial collapse, starvation and death. God’s judgment appears to be coming soon, perhaps very soon. We have SO many signs around us, all having to do with lawlessness, in individuals and in society. And such are the signs that always, throughout history, have signaled coming judgment from God. I will list those major signs below.

Major sign #1: rampant child sacrifice

Not only is the U.S. a nation of child sacrifice, but the entire world now practices it. God will soon avenge the blood of the innocents. Can you comprehend the death statistics in this table? More than 1.6 BILLION unborn babies aborted since 1980! That does not even include the prior 7 years, following the 1973 U.S. Supreme court’s infamous Roe Vs. Wade decision, legalizing abortion throughout the United States! 1.6 billion is about 20 percent (one fifth) of the current population of the entire world! So that’s like killing off one out of ever five people on earth!

abortion totals in the united states and worldwide


Major sign #2: rampant homosexuality and perversion

Sodomy now is out of control. Many homosexuals are now in positions of political power and are demanding that everyone praise their sin rather than condemn it as God does. Some degenerates even have no shame about promoting pedophilia.

Which country has the most people that identify as LGBTQ

Looking at the above statistics, is it any wonder that Australia had the most brutal “lockdowns” and quarantines during the COVID pandemic? Is it any surprise that as the citizens of a nation become more morally bankrupt, their governments become more corrupt, threatening and repressive?

Major sign #3: rampant heterosexual immorality

Many hetersexual couples don’t bother to get married. Many of them even have many partners before they even find someone for a long term out-of-wedlock relationship. In other words…. we now are living in a day when the entire world is as ungodly as Sodom and Gomorrah. If God utterly destroyed those 2 cities, I don’t think it will be long before He judges this world.

morality of having baby out of wedlock

In many countries more than 50 percent of the couples having children are not married:

out of wedlock birthrate by country

Not shown in the chart above: the United States is at 40 percent and the United Kingdom is at 49 percent (out of wedlock birthrate).

Major sign #4: rampant sexual confusion

We live in a day when people claim they can change their sex and where they can invent any “gender identity” for themselves that their delusional minds choose. And the corrupt medical system encourages them to believe that insanity, to the point of performing genital mutilations and hormone “therapy” on confused children, which results in serious mental and physical health problems. Even very young children are TAUGHT that they can change their sex and being told they can decide what gender they wish to be, as if the body and the hormones you were given – by God – at birth, is something easily modified by medications and surgery. Children and adults are being told that they don’t even have to identify as human. They can identify as whatever their confused minds wish to identify as, even as a cat or a dog. And parents are entertaining such insanity… and encouraged to do so. A professor with a Phd in Education tells us that there are 81 genders according to his calculations.

gender identity confusion list

Somebody needs to tell the medical establishment that there are over 2,000 biological differences between men and women and they are not reprogrammable with drugs or scalpels. Here are just 25 of those differences and they are all very significant. Those built-in differences don’t just unplug “at will” nor can they be swapped out like you would swap out batteries in cars. And just because you are delusional or have some profound identity problem does not mean that the rest of the world has to pretend that your delusions are reality.

Major sign #5: rampant corruption in government at all levels

Political leaders worldwide and at all levels of government are becoming more corrupt and evil, creating laws to punish those who are decent and moral, while at the same time, creating laws to protect and reward those who are corrupt and evil. They are taking bribes and kickbacks and offering contracts and funding to their partners in crime. They are making more and more laws to protect and promote indecency while seeking to take rights away from law-abiding citizens. You can now expect to get arrested for defending yourself, your family and your property but at the same time, criminals are free to loot stores, and perform indecent acts in front of children at what are called “drag queen shows”. Males that simply claim they identify as females, can now invade girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms. Public schools are placing pornographic books in their school libraries and teaching children that they can chose whatever gender and whatever “alternative lifestyle” they desire. Parents are kept in the dark about what their children are being taught and are being treated as troublemakers for daring to speak out about these things at school board meetings even though it is their children who are at risk and their property taxes funding the school systems and paying the teacher’s salaries.

Major sign #6: rampant proliferation of false teachers and false doctrine in churches

The most visible Christian preachers and teachers today are those who are front-and-center on television. They tend to be the most deceptive, greedy, corrupt and unbiblical of all preachers and teachers and they tend to have the greatest number of followers. Their followers tend to have “itching ears” or are too lazy to fact-check their pastors against scripture. And their followers may be in as much spiritual darkness as the false shepherds they are listening to.

modern day wolves in sheeps clothing Christian pastors

These false teachers and preachers typically preach the “me” gospel, a self-centered view of Christianity including things like what are mentioned here:

  • God wants you to be rich or He at least wants to bless you financially.
  • God wants your church service to be entertaining like the world entertains the worldly.
  • God wants you to focus on getting all your health problems miraculously solved rather than having a healthy diet, good exercise, and being content no matter what your health is like.
  • You don’t need to care about redeeming the time because you’re going to get raptured off of this planet any day now.
  • You don’t need to witness (share your faith) to others because that’s your preacher’s job.
  • You don’t need to STUDY the Bible. You can just let some preacher spoon-feed you.

Major sign #7: hatred for God’s people and persecution against them

Ever since the Bible was removed from public schools in America, morality has been on the decline. Christian ethics were quickly replaced with atheism and secular humanism along with “situational ethics”. Many people who grew up with – and were indoctrinated with – this godless education system, now demand tolerance for every kind of sinful and rebellious behavior but they have zero tolerance for moral absolutes especial with respect to Christianity. We saw this plain as day when the Roe Versus Wade decision was overturned by the US Supreme Court. People came out of every hole in the ground demanding the “right” to kill unborn children, insisting that somehow, women had the right to take a human life, as long as they referred to that life as a fetus, not a child. And while defending their perceived right to kill the unborn, some took the liberty to vandalize churches and Christian Crisis pregnancy centers, with almost no public outcry and few if any legal repercussions.

attacks on churches and pro-life centers

In the past year, police have arrested peaceful protestors outside of drag queen events that target children, rather than arresting the child predators. Police have arrested people praying outside of abortion clinics, even people praying SILENTLY rather than arresting those committing infanticide inside those abortion mills.


When the government and law enforcement start targeting the righteous and protecting the unrighteous in society, it won’t be long before the hammer of God’s judgment comes slamming down on this world, with a thunderous blast that will get everyone’s attention, whether they repent or not. May the hard times on the horizon serve as a means of getting people’s attention and humbling them and softening their hard hearts, that they would seek the Lord while He may be found.

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