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God’s Judgment On The World Is Already Here

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God’s Judgment On The World Is Already Here


Gods Judgment On The World Is Already Here


And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.” John 9:39

We are going to take a brief look at possible signs of God’s Judgment upon this world that are already in effect or about to come into effect. Note that that judgment has to do with BLINDNESS to dangers of various kinds… spiritual, moral, emotional as well as very real physical dangers. But first, let us look at some of the evils in this world that have historically brought the judgment of God on various nations and also the entire world:

  • Billions of people thinking that killing the unborn is birth control, when God calls it child sacrifice.

  • Billions of people thinking that homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle and not an example of total moral depravity that God calls “sodomy” and “an abomination”.

  • Billions of people thinking that marriage is just a piece of paper and that having sex outside of marriage is just “living together” when God calls it fornication and an abomination.

Now, let us look at how God has blinded the people of this wicked world:

  • Blinding billions to the corruptness of evil rulers they even voted to rule over them in many cases.

  • Blinding billions to think they should trust their health and safety to globalist criminals who have a reputation as eugenicists (Bill Gates) and as germ warfare supporters (Anthony Fauci).

  • Blinding billions to wear face masks that are worse than useless and that even cause illnesses including pleurisy.

  • Blinding billions to think that a virus no deadlier than the seasonal flu is worse than the worst plague in history.

  • Blinding billions to allow strangers to shove foreign objects called “test swabs” up their noses and other body cavities.

  • Blinding billions to be so ignorant of facts that they no longer realize that all the most serious COVID virus cases have happened historically to all flu virus patients in the same categories of elderly, co-morbidities and immune-compromised individuals.

  • Blinding billions to not realize that many of the immune-compromised individuals are people whose immune systems have been damaged by too many vaccines already, because they are people that typically and historically get lots of vaccines, including health care workers and the elderly who get annual flu shots, pneumonia shots, shingles shots, etc.

  • Blinding billions to have so much fear over an invisible germ that they are clamoring after perhaps the most dangerous experimental vaccine in the history of the world, a vaccine that is already being reported to cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries worldwide[1], and that is just the short-term side effects.
    The long-term side effects are predicted by some experts to include death, when these vaccinated people come in contact with new viruses (a.k.a. viruses in the wild) that will cause their vaccine-damaged immune systems to over-react to the point of causing their own deaths. Some of these vaccine-mediated deaths are likely to include sepsis, anaphylaxis, cytokine storms, thrombocytopenia, and various blood disorders and immune system disorders gone wild[2].

1. 5,365 DEAD 238,949 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Vaccines
2. Various well known virologists and immunologists are being censored for reporting on this coming COVID Vaccine mass depopulation program. Click HERE for more information on this subject.


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