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covid-19 corona virus vaccine deaths and injuries


COVID-19 Vaccine Death Statistics


Virologist And Immunologist Shares Info About Extremely Effective, Readily Available COVID-19 Treatments AND Vaccine Concerns

This video below is a presentation by an MD who is an expert in immunology and virology, and who gave a talk at the invitation of the Lieutenant governor’s office in Idaho. It is more a summary of what has been going on with the covid virus the past year or so and alternative covid treatments to a vaccine. He knows his stuff and is not some fringe guy. He mentions primarily the extreme importance and helfulness of vitamin D3 as well as something even perhaps more helpful that I never knew about before – an anti-parasitic medicine (Ivermectin) that is a super cure for COVID-19 and other viruses (to PREVENT as well as TREAT) and is available at Tractor Supply because it is used to treat parasites in animals on a very regular basis and it is very safe – though you do NOT want to buy the doses or forms of Ivermectin used for animals. You should get the pill form from your doctor.
Here is that doctor’s video presentation:


The COVID-19 Treatment That Is PREVENTING and Curing The Virus Without The Vaccine – Ivermectin



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information on potentially lethal long term side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

Dangerous hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts at coronavirus mRNA vaccines, like the vaccines for SARS and MERS, has been a persistent problem. All was well for awhile, until the animals were exposed to the wild mutated virus. Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists have forecast that millions may die from this same type of mRNA vaccine, and it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID, making an argument for even more deadly vaccines, to supposedly “counter” the new virus when it reality, the problem will be your vaccine-damaged immune system, which will be attacking your body because of immune system malfunctions caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Charley Kirk Show: 9 Doctors Speak Out

Charlie Kirk hosts a round table discussion about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and censorship with nine of “America’s Frontline Doctors,” whose original press conference was banned from YouTube within three hours.


A TV Show About Corona Virus Aired In 2003! Random Chance?


Links To Online Resources About The COVID-19 Virus Pandemic


covid-19 corona virus pandemic flu face-masks facemasks effectiveness ineffective


About COVID-19 Face Masks

covid-19 corona virus pandemic flu face-masks facemasks effectiveness ineffective


87 Thousand doctors and nurses come out against covid-19 vaccine


About COVID-19 Vaccines, Vaccination Programs And Vaccine Providers

covid-19 corona virus pandemic flu face-masks facemasks effectiveness ineffective


covid-19 corona virus pandemic flu virus cures hydroxychloroquine


About Safe Drugs That Cure COVID-19 — Hydroxychloroquine

covid-19 corona virus pandemic flu hydroxychloroquine cure treatment found suppressed


About Safe Drugs That Cure COVID-19 — Ivermectin

NOTE: I have read that if you decide to take a horse paste version of Ivermectin, to AVOID the white pastes that contain zinc oxide which is bad for your spleen. Durvet Ivermectin, without any other anti-parasitics, is a clear gel that people seem to be using to treat COVID. I am not recommending any medical advice. I am just sharing information that others have posted online. Use at your own risk. Medicines can be very dangerous if used improperly (as in people who have certain medical conditions) or in too high a dose. There are doctors online who can advise you. Here is one such online doctor website: Frontline MDs

About Pharmaceutical Company Corruption


George Soros Moderna COVID Vaccine connection Exposed


About Political Motivations For COVID Restrictions

covid-19 corona virus pandemic enslavement government control civil rights violations


About COVID-19 Civil Rights Violations

covid-19 corona virus pandemic henry kissinger globalist enslavement quote


About COVID-19 And Religious Issues

covid-19 corona virus pandemic contagious spreading transmission methods


About COVID-19 Lockdown Repercussions And Side-Effects


About COVID-19 And Media Bias And Misinformation

covid-19 corona virus pandemic new normal reporting tracking snitches


The NWO Bill Of Rights

  1. You have the right to stand no closer than 6 feet from anyone.
  2. You have the right to wear a face muzzle at all times.
  3. You have the right to never attend weddings, parties, reunions or funerals having more attendees than “the state” declares to be legal.
  4. You have the right to shop, worship and conduct business where and when “the state” says you can, and nowhere else and at no other times.
  5. You have the right to be quarantined in your home if the authorities think you’ve been around certain people.
  6. You have the right to not travel if it looks like you are going somewhere that free citizens would normally travel to.
  7. You have the right to violently assemble and riot where enemies of “the state” live and work.
  8. You have the right to stay inside your home unless “the state” tells you that you can go outside.
  9. You have the right to snitch on noncompliant friends, neighbors, relatives and businesses.
  10. You have the right to be cross-examined and banned from the premises by all health care workers even if you are just accompanying a loved one to an appointment.
  11. You have the right to be banned from visiting loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals.
  12. You have the right to take mandatory poorly tested vaccines to help thin the herd, thus doing your part to make sure that “mother earth” remains “sustainable” … for your slave-masters.
  13. You have the right to be harassed, yelled at, bullied, assaulted and reported to authorities by strangers who see you violating any of the above “rights”.
  14. If you continue to violate “rights” 1 through 12, you will be granted the right to be arrested, jailed, sent to a re-education camp and terminated.

Welcome to the New World Order’s “Great Reset”.

And guess what they’re resetting?


…And they are resetting the global population down to what they consider to be a “sustainable” level.


corona virus covid-19 vaccine meme zombie wants you to get vaccinated



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