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COVID-19 Treatments And Preventative Measures

COVID-19 Treatments And Preventative Measures


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This article is not recommending any particular medical advice. It is simply meant to share information that others have posted online regarding medical and holistic treatments for the COVID-19/Corona virus. Use at your own risk. Medicines can be very dangerous if used improperly (as in people who have certain medical conditions) or in too high a dose. There are doctors online who can advise you.

Here is one such online doctor website: Frontline MDs

Here is an alternate online doctor website: Docs On Call

Here is a directory of online doctors: Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy


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About Safe Drugs To Treat & Potentially Cure COVID-19 — Hydroxychloroquine


Quote from the linked researchsquare.com article: “Addition of Ivermectin to standard care is very effective drug for treatment of COVID-19 patients with significant reduction in mortality compared to Hydroxychloroquine plus standard treatment only. Early use of Ivermectin is very useful for controlling COVID 19 infections” https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-100956/v2


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About Safe Drugs To Treat & Potentially Cure COVID-19 — Ivermectin

NOTE: I have read that if you decide to take a horse paste version of Ivermectin, to AVOID the white pastes that contain zinc oxide which is bad for your spleen. Durvet Ivermectin, without any other anti-parasitics, is a clear gel that some people seem to be using to treat COVID.

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About Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements To Treat COVID-19

The following are recommended over-the-counter immune system supplements for treating and preventing all sorts of infectious diseases including viruses like Covid-19.

  • vitamin C (powdered form is best if a high dose is desired. Buffered form is best if you have stomach acid issues.)
  • vitamin D3 (I would stick with gel-caps that do NOT contain GMO oils such as soy or but rather non-GMO oils)
  • magnesium chloride (other forms are good, but the chloride form is optimal for antiviral use)
  • vitamin K2
  • zinc picolinate (a high absorption form of zinc)
  • an iodine supplement, such as Lugol’s solution or iodoral

Source of supplement list: http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v17n15.shtml
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