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Why COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Are Justified

Why COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Are Justified


if covid 19 vaccines work how can unvaccinated give you the disease

Many of the “conspiracy theories” about the vaccines being a lethal population control program are justified, due to many clues we have regarding the extremely suspicious circumstances surrounding the advent of the corona virus and the media’s insanely hyped-up response to this pandemic that does not really meet the criteria of a true pandemic. Rather, it meets the conditions of just about any seasonal flu virus.

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Here are some things that contribute towards a view that the massive world-wide vaccination program has very sinister objectives (i.e. drastic, rapid global population reduction) behind it… When I use the term “they” in the list below, I am referring to governments and globalist power brokers and their favorite spokesmen, including but not limited to George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, the Rothchilds, the Rockefeller’s and many others looking to create their “New World Order” one world government.

  • They want to vax people who already had COVID and therefore are immune to it and DON’T NEED a vaccine.
  • People who have gotten vaccinated still came down with the COVID virus.
  • Vax makers are admitting that the vaccine won’t prevent COVID. All they say it will do is lessen the symptoms if you do get the virus… unless of course a new “strain” develops in which case the vaccine is useless and you will therefore, they claim, need another vaccine or a “booster shot”.
  • They want to vax people who are at very low risk, including children.
  • They want to vax people who are typically urged NOT to get shots (like pregnant women).
  • The media constantly uses scare tactics to promote the COVID vaccines which would not be necessary if the virus threat was real.
  • Bodies are not piling up in the streets or in morgues or in funeral homes like they would be in a true “pandemic”.
  • The FDA deliberately did NOT approve KNOWN SAFE cures for COVID like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and neither did they – or Big Pharma – bother to do any of their own clinical trials of the safe cures. They just went around chanting “Not FDA approved for COVID! Not FDA approved for COVID!”.
  • The Vaccine companies were given immunity from prosecution, worldwide, for deaths and injuries due to these experimental COVID vaccines.
  • All the seasonal flu cases got lumped into the covid cases, yet the media claimed the seasonal flu was at a record low, so ridiculously low as to be unreal.
  • The death statistics were heavily inflated, to the point that anyone who died while having COVID was counted as a COVID death even if they had comorbidities or fell off of a cliff.
  • The PCR swab tests were rigged to give massively high false positives.
  • The globalists have TOLD US they want to eliminate us, many times and many ways including on the Georgia Guidestones.
  • The “pandemic” was rehearsed at “Event 201” in October 2019, hosted by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation before the actual corona virus outbreak in Wuhan China occurred.
  • The “Great Reset“, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Global Warming (aka Climate Control) and many other programs have been put in place to justify population control.
  • The buzzword “Sustainable” is used constantly to brainwash the public into thinking that life on earth is no longer sustainable. But what it really means is that to the globalists, there are too many of us using up resources that they want to hoard for themselves and it also means (to them) that there are too many of us for them to be able to control.

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There is no “benevolent” reason to have vaccine mandates or to push for everyone to be vaccinated, regardless of their age, regardless of having had COVID already and in spite of existing treatments and cures that are far safer than an experimental vaccine that was never tested for any LONG-TERM side-effects or for dangerous immune system reactions related to future exposure to viruses “in the wild”, which could have life-threatening consequences for those who have been vaccinated. Testing of previous mRNA vaccines on animals resulted in deaths due to their immune systems over-reacting to viruses encountered later on.

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