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The COVID Vaccine’s DELAYED LETHAL Reaction

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The COVID Vaccine’s DELAYED LETHAL Reaction


covid-19 corona virus vaccine lethal delayed long term reactions

“This kind of vaccine — this modified messenger RNA, modified DNA vaccine — they have tried them in the past 20 years on animal studies. And they’ve been terrible results — because in these studies, when the animals got the vaccine — at first they had robust immune systems — great antibodies, T cell response — great, good, looking good. Then they challenged them with that virus or that bacteria — and every time the animals got sicker or died much more than the placebo group — because the body has something called the “cytokine storm” — it actually saw this — and had a more aggressive reaction — and it attacked its own lungs, attacked its own liver — had almost a sepsis response in the body. So we can expect that — and I think that’s why they skipped the animal trials with this [COVID] vaccine — they don’t want anyone to know that.” Click on this link for more info: Moderna And Pfizer Skipped Animal Trials On MRNA COVID Vaccines Because They Already Knew The Animals Would Sicken And Die
“The typical pattern in the studies … is that the children and the animals produced beautiful antibody responses after being vaccinated. The manufacturers thought they hit the jackpot. The problem came when the children and animals were exposed to the wild version of the virus. When that happened, an unexplained phenomenon called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) also known as Vaccine Enhanced Disease (VED) occurred where the immune system produced a “cytokine storm” (i.e. overwhelmingly attacked the body), and the children/animals died.” Click on this link for more info: 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting A COVID Vaccine
Basically, my take on all this is that the people who end up dying by the millions starting in the next flu season will be dying of the MANY different immune system disorders that the people are dying from right now who die quickly after getting the vaccines. Here is info on those who died soon after getting vaccinated: CDC reports 5,888 deaths and 329,021 injuries from COVID 19 shots, more than previous 29 years of VAERS reported vaccine deaths.

Predicted massive death toll from corona virus vaccines

I think doctors will be prescribing LOTS of prednisone to suppress the immune systems of all these vaxxed people whose immune systems will staring going haywire. There my become a shortage of prednisone at some point. However, prednisone is lethal when taken on a continual basis and can cause kidneys to shut down and other types of irreversible organ damage. If those people don’t try boosting and repairing their seriously damaged immune system right away, even now, before problems occur, they will just become death statistics.

covid-19 corona virus vaccine deaths and injuries


COVID-19 Vaccine Death Statistics


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