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You may need to familiarize yourself with some terminology. There are two basic kinds of medicine being practiced world wide. The most common type of medicine is called Allopathic. The less common type of medicine being practiced (by licensed doctors that is) is called homeopathic or holistic medicine. Lets look at the differences of these two, which will explain why alternative medicine is becoming so popular. And by the way, “alternative medicine” refers to the alternatives to ALLOPATHIC medicine.

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Allopathic Medicine – What it is and what’s wrong with it:

Allopathic medicine is basically the same as most CONVENTIONAL types of medicine, which have become monopolized by huge networks of pharmaceutical companies, hospital networks and insurance companies. Allopathic medicine is primarily all about suppressing symptoms with expensive patented medications. It is also about TREATING CONDITIONS, and NOT about WELLNESS. It is NOT about healing your body and your body’s immune system, to enable your body to heal itself properly. So what happens to people who are patients in this massive allopathic medical establishment is that they never get better, because the drugs they are prescribed do not serve to heal the patient’s immune system or other physiological problems. The drugs they are given only hide symptoms often by the use of steroids such as Prednisone which can suppress a person’s immune system if it is over or under producing cells to fight your body’s ailments. While prescribing drugs to suppress the immune system can provide a quick fix, a temporary solution to a malfunctioning immune system, such quick fixes can quickly backfire to the point where the patient’s immune system starts going haywire. Examples of an immune system going haywire include an immune system that:

  • produces too FEW cells of a certain type (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, cancer fighting cells, lymph cells, etc.)
  • produces too MANY cells of a certain type…
    In other words, many people get sick simply because their immune system is sick which means their body’s immune system loses its ability to properly regulate itself.


Holistic (Homeopathic) Medicine

Simply put, holistic medicine is the practice of strengthening the body so that it can fight off diseases itself and so that it can avoid getting diseases. The process includes avoiding unhealthy foods and toxins in the environment and eating healhty foods, especially organic raw foods (including herbs and spices and various vitamin and mineral supplements). Also involved in holistic medicine is adequate exercise and determing ways of reducing mental and physical stress on the mind and body.

John D. Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine And Took Away Natural Cures – VIDEO – 2 minutes


How Rockefeller Wiped Out Natural Cures To Create Big Pharma and Monopolized Allopathic Medicine – VIDEO – 26 minutes


How Did Our Current Medical System Get To Where It Is Today?

Alternative medicine holistic homeopathic versus conventional allopathic cancer treatment


Is There Really A Safe Inexpensive Cure For Cancer? Maybe…

This story is about a man named Joe Tippens who was completely cured of stage 4 lung cancer with a cheap safe anti-parasitic med (a dog wormer) recommended by a friend who happened to be research veterinarian.
And this is how the veterinarian discovered the cure:
The person who discovered the cure, was actually a veterinarian scientist at Merck Animal Health (veterinary side of Merck) that had performed cancer research on rats by injecting different types of cancers into different rat body parts. The veterinarian scientist discovered that the rats had acquired parasites and since the scientist did not want to lose all those lab rats to an infestation of parasites, so she gave them the canine medicine (a dog wormer) and the rats got cured of the cancers they had been injected with! That scientist got diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was told “no hope, 3 months to live”. This woman decided “what the heck” and started taking the canine medicine. Six weeks later, she was all clear… And that is what led her to recommend the anti-parasitic medicine, known as fenbendazole, to her friend who had stage 4 lung cancer.
Check out Joe Tippen’s full, ongoing testimony here:
Check out a veterinarian’s comments on this story here:


Man Says Cheap Drug For Dogs Cured His Cancer


Potential Cancer Curing Medicines

There are several medications now being looked at by doctors and researchers that have been in use for years for treating parasites and other ailments in humans and animals – that are now being looked at as potential treatments and cures for different types of cancers. A couple of them appear to be safe, cheap, commonly used anti-parasitic drugs including ivermectin and fenbendazole. The following links will introduce you to some of those medications.


What’s Wrong With The Conventional Health Care System?


Benefits Of Air Ionizers – Air ionizers are another health product that the medical “powers that be” try to discredit. However, air ionizers KILL germs and viruses in the air and have many other health benefits, including the fact that they neutralize (render harmless) many toxins in the air. How about that? Which is why there are so many articles on the Internet that discredit them. I use an ionizer all the time. It definitely makes the air in my home smell noticeably fresher. No exaggeration. Note: they are not air “filters” but some ionizers also have built-in air filters which I don’t recommend as the filters will restrict the air flow in the ionizer. Click this link for more information:


Conventional Cancer Treatment


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Vaccine Information

Hey pro-lifers: I bet you didn’t know that most of the vaccines being pumped into your body are created using aborted fetal tissue…

Video “VAXXED” exposing the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) coverup of the MMR Vaccine autism scandal

Additional Video Documentaries About Vaccine Dangers

Dangerous, Expensive And Not Very Helpful Medical Tests & Treatments

Sometimes an expensive invasive and dangerous test is used by medical professionals when a cheap, and far safer test (i.e. without risk of radiation, infections or perforations) has the similar predictive results. Obviously, a healthy diet (non-gmo, raw foods, whole foods, low fat, low sugar) and a focusing on wellness (exercise, fresh air, sunshine, immune-boosting supplements) is far better than eating lots of processed foods and hoping a medical test and Big Pharma will protect you.

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Colonoscopy Dangers, Risks, Hazards

A Story About How Big Pharma & Big Med Kill Our Loved Ones

Dangers Of Childhood Vaccines

DO LARGE AMOUNTS OF VACCINATIONS IN CHILDREN DO MORE HARM THAT GOOD? Wouldn’t it be far better to focus on feeding children healthy foods and supplements that would strengthen their immune systems so THEIR BODIES can fight diseases NATURALLY? Check out this study done on children in Germany. In every case, UNvaccinated children have FEWER health problems…

Dangers and harmful side-effects of childhood vaccinations

Dangers Of Statins – Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Blood Composition: Components And Function

Awesome Video Series On How The Human Immune System Works


DMSO – A Sulphur Rich Chemical For Joint Pain & Many Other Ailments


Pet Health & Medicine Issues

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