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For Big Pharma Cancer Is Big Business

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For Big Pharma Cancer Is Big Business

And Chemotherapy Is One Of Their Best Sellers Yet One Of Their Most Deadly Products

Alternative medicine holistic homeopathic versus conventional allopathic cancer treatment


Conventional Cancer Treatment

big pharma admits cancer treatments create more profitable cancers


Cancer Causing Foods


Vitamin C For Curing Cancer


Cancer Fighting Foods And Supplements

Note: More than 70 percent of your immune system is contained in your digestive system.

Cancer fighting lifestyle and dietary advice & recommendations:

cancer deaths caused by chemotherapy drugs


Potential Cancer Curing Medicines

There are several medications now being looked at by doctors and researchers that have been in use for years for treating parasites and other ailments in humans and animals that are now being looked at as potential treatments and cures for different types of cancers. A couple of them appear to be safe, cheap, commonly used anti-parasitic drugs including ivermectin and fenbendazole. The following links will introduce you to some of those medications.


Man Says Cheap Drug For Dogs Cured His Cancer



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