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Immune System Boosting Regimen

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Immune System Boosting Regimen

A recommended list of immune system boosting foods, supplements and activities


recommended suggested foods vitamins supplements immune system boosting healing repairing

This article identifies various foods, drinks, vitamins, minerals and supplements that can help to repair or strengthen your immune system. There are no suggested amounts or doses. It is up to you to do the research necessary to find out what things in the list are safe for you and in what amounts. You may wish to consult with a homeopathic doctor. Please note that part of an immune system boosting diet involves AVOIDING foods that are BAD for you.

Good foods and supplements to consume for immune system health:

  1. Colloidal silver (a natural antibiotic)
  2. Liquid Echinacea (antibiotic and immune system booster)
  3. Green super-food powder & brewer’s yeast powder in a drink
  4. Apple cider vinegar, ginger juice, lemon juice & honey combo (in water)
  5. Raw garlic sandwich (should crush the garlic)
  6. Red Grapefruit (preferably fresh) or juice or grapefruit seed drops
  7. Zinc (preferably NOT zinc oxide, which is not as affective as other forms of zinc)
  8. Quercetin (can greatly increase absorption and effectiveness of zinc)
  9. Aspirin (tri-buffered only)
  10. Vitamin C & D3
  11. B-Complex vitamins
  12. Cinnamon (in capsules or on foods)
  13. Hot sauce or red pepper on foods (cayenne is best)
  14. Turmeric & fresh ground black pepper on foods
  15. Oregano & other herbs on foods
  16. Lots of – ORGANIC – raw fruits & raw vegetables
  17. Dried Apricot seeds/kernels (fights cancer)
  18. Fresh horseradish or perhaps extract

Articles About Boosting Your Immune System:

Along with vitamins, supplements and a healthy diet, don’t forget to:

  • Eliminate processed foods including meats with nitrates, soups with MSG
  • Eliminate unhealthy snacks (processed, high fat, high sugar)
  • Get plenty of fresh air, sunshine & exercise daily

When buying supplements, I buy capsules (with powdered contents) or gelcaps (with liquid contents). Very hard tablets, (like some forms of MSM/glucosamene and some calcium tablets and other rock-hard pills) are only going to get flushed down the toilet unless you use a pill crusher. Also, you should avoid gelcaps that contain cheaper oils (like soy or canola or palm oil) that are not good for you.
All foods and supplements in the above list should be ORGANIC. Of course that means higher cost, but in the long run, you will save LOTS of money on medical bills, you will live healthier, and God willing, you will live longer. To be a steward of the earth is to be a steward of your health. We are responsible for our own health. We were never meant to live and eat carelessly and then go crying to a doctor to “fix” our health problems.
NOTE: YOU need to check the ingredients of ANY processed foods that you buy and consume. Even if they are advertised as vegan or organic, there are many subtle “loopholes” that food manufacturers use, to put unhealthy ingredients in their so-called “health foods” and “healthy” supplements. Their favorite deceptive word is “natural”, which can mean anything. Even the term “all natural” is often used to deceive health-conscious consumers. And companies are allowed to advertise products as organic even if those products are not 100 percent organic. So it pays to shop around and look for reputable stores and reputable sellers.

Bad foods, unhealthy food products and other things to be avoided:


Some reputable sellers of healthy foods and supplements:

For more information about Big Pharma and Natural Health:


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