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Is The Catholic Church Still Murdering Heretics?

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Is The Catholic Church Still Murdering Heretics And Their Other Enemies?

It Sure Looks That Way

Many people think that the Jesuits of the Catholic Church are simply one of many groups of Catholic priests of various Catholic orders or sects, rather than a secret society of papal assassins. And if you even suggest that those Jesuits could be part of an evil army of Catholic assassins based out of the Vatican in Rome, you are quickly labeled a crazy tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist. Well, perhaps there is more truth than anyone wants to believe, about such conspiracy theories, as uncomfortable as that thought may be. After all, it is not everyday in America that a bomb gets delivered to the door of Christians who are labeled as anti-Catholic. Its not every day, that they and their home get turned into a fireball and a crime scene like we see here:

Jesuit assassins may have bombed house of Christian couple

In a small town in New Jersey, in 1982, a young Christian couple were blown to bits by a bomb delivered to their front door by someone driving a mysterious station-wagon, a person who was never found. And the ONLY possible motive for their assassination – as postulated by the police – was the fact that they were born-again Christians who had “an anti-catholic streak”, which means, Christians who had been witnessing to Catholics and sharing “unpleasant truths” with Catholics about the counterfeit version of Christianity known as Roman Catholicism. One newspaper article about this murdered couple claimed they had an “anti-Catholic” streak, which is certainly how the Catholic Church and how devout Catholics view anyone who would dare to point out false Catholic teachings and practices, especially in such a public way as this couple apparently had done, in order for them to have been labeled “anti-Catholic”. Take a good hard look at the highlighted areas of this story:

Jesuit assassins may have killed off evangelistic born-again Christians

And here is another reference to this Christian couple being “anti-Catholic”, having shown “anti-Catholic movies” at their church and distributing comic books that could be “offensive to Catholics”:

Jesuit assassins may have killed off evangelistic born-again Christians

Apparently, this couple had no idea how they were in the cross-hairs of people who wanted them dead, considering how the husband looked at the home-made bomb and told the police over the phone that he thought it was some kind of bad joke… just before he and his wife were blown to bits:

Christian couple murdered with bomb possibly for preaching to Catholics



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