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Statins Anyone?

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Statins Anyone? – A Huge Money Making Scam!

An expose on the cholesterol lowering drugs referred to as “statins”

statins cholesterol drugs medications harmful side effects dangers risks



We will briefly look at the dangerous and deadly side-effects of statins AND the massive deception used by drug companies to market their so-called cholesterol lowering medicines. There will be links to additional information on these dangerous pharmaceutical money-makers.
Thanks to the freedom of information on the Internet, some of the “crooks that run the Medical Establishment show” are finally getting exposed.

Useless and dangerous statin drugs (simvastatin, Lipitor, etc.)

One of Big Pharma’s highest-profit and heavily-promoted dangerous “products” are their statin drugs, which their high paid drug pushers (i.e. sales reps) heavily promote, brainwashing doctors into repeating their claim that you absolutely need those drugs to reduce your cholesterol levels so you don’t drop dead any minute of a heart attack or a stroke… Also, statins work by causing your liver to stop producing cholesterol. So did any of these drug makers bother to find out WHY your liver makes cholesterol? Is it possible that cholesterol is ESSENTIAL to your health? I believe they KNOW it is essential and yet they neglect to tell you that about 25% to 30% of your body’s total cholesterol is found in your brain. Therefore, it is very likely that statins will eventually cause dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s. The Big Pharma drug dealers also don’t tell you that the way your body works to process foods is to piggy-back nutrients in your GI tract (gastro-intestinal tract) onto… cholesterol molecules… so statin drugs not only can lead to brain damage but also to nutrient starvation for various parts of your body, including your brain. The far better solution that many holistic (naturopathic) doctors recommend for lowering your cholesterol is to take high doses of Vitamin E and other SAFE, NATURAL supplements AND also EAT MORE HEALTHY foods – whole foods – like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, especially those that are organic and non-GMO. Also, avoid PROCESSED foods including those containing lots of carbs and fats. And there are many BAD oils on the market to avoid including but not limited to canola oil, corn oil and soybean oil which are derived from genetically-modified, herbicide-sprayed vegetables.
Here is some very important information explaining why you should never trust Big Pharma controlled doctors and hospitals… In this particular instance we are looking at one of the most widely prescribed – and most profitable – and potentially most harmful – drugs being pushed like crazy by Big Pharma’s pill-pushing doctors – cholesterol lowering drugs known as “statins”.

The Link Between Statins, Memory Loss, Dementia, & Alzheimer’s

“There is no doubt that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs like Mevacor, Lipitor, and Crestor are linked to serious memory loss, fuzzy thinking, and learning difficulties. Statins decrease the production of CoQ10, a nutrient that’s protective of both the heart and the brain. CoQ10 deficiency is believed responsible for the fatigue and muscle pain commonly experienced from statin drug use. Some people get very irritable, depressed, anxious, or even suicidal when taking these drugs or when following a low-fat diet. The US Food and Drug Administration requires that warning labels state that statins can cause memory loss as well as mental confusion, liver problems, and type 2 diabetes. Statins can lead to diabetes at an alarming rate. Research has found that nearly half of women who take these medications eventually develop diabetes, a disease which greatly increases your risk for dementia. Conventional “wisdom” tells us to eat a low-fat diet, avoid saturated fat, and keep our cholesterol level low for heart health. But consider this: Of all the people who are hospitalized for a heart attack, only 25% of them have high cholesterol. The other 75% have normal cholesterol. So clearly, high cholesterol is not the risk factor we’ve been led to believe.”
The above quote is from this article: The Link Between Statins, Memory Loss & Dementia

An article about the most dangerous scam in medical history

Here is an excerpt:
“Dr. Micozzi starts off with the No.1 statin side effect: muscle pain, which is actually caused by damage to the muscle. He says, “Your heart — the organ statins are supposed to protect — is a muscle, too. So while you’re taking statins with the hope of keeping your arteries healthy to help prevent heart disease, the drugs may be bypassing that whole process and damaging your heart muscle directly!
“This side effect from statins is most likely to manifest as muscle pain, fatigue, and weakness. In severe cases, it can result in a condition known as rhabdomyolysis — actual destruction of muscle tissue. And if the byproducts of muscle destruction reach a dangerous level in the blood, they can actually cause kidney failure and harm the brain.”
Here is the complete article: Don’t fall for the most dangerous scam in medical history

Deceptive practices used by drug companies to promote statins

Here is another eye-opening article on statins, but also on the tricks the pharmaceutical companies use to deceive people into thinking they are safe and beneficial when they are far more detrimental to health than beneficial:
“Tricks Used to Minimize Harms in Clinical Trials: Before the trial got started, all participants were given a statin drug for six weeks. By the end of that run-in period, 36% of the participants had dropped out due to side effects or lack of compliance. Once they had this “freshly culled” population, where those suffering side effects had already been eliminated, that’s when the trial actually started.”
By simply revising the definition of “high cholesterol,” which was done in 2000 and again in 2004, millions of people became eligible for statin treatment, without any evidence whatsoever that it would actually benefit them.”
Here is the complete article: How You’ve Been Misled About Statins

A related video on statin safety data manipulation


Statin Data Criminally Manipulated to Deceive Doctors



Study Reveals FRAUD and DECEPTION In Statin Drug Studies

A scientific study done by two researchers from the University of South Florida revealed fraud and deception in statin drug studies that had been used to get away with selling dangerous medications to an unsuspecting public. Here is more information about that statin drug study:
How statistical deception created the appearance that statins are safe and effective in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (PDF document)

statins side-effects bleeding strokes low platelets

Statins can cause bleeding and strokes!

Are you taking statins (cholesterol lowering meds)? You might want to look into something safer, like diet changes… This article says low platelet count is a COMMON side effect:
What they neglect to do is EXPLAIN what “low blood platelet count” means. What it means is that a common side effect could be a bleeding stroke or other serious bleeding problems. And ironically, other articles say this about statins:
“Stroke survivors who take high doses of a widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering drug appear to be at increased risk for stroke from bleeding in the brain, also known as hemorrhagic stroke.”
They neglect to say that these stroke SURVIVORS probably got those strokes FROM the statins they were already on. And how do we know that… because the strokes that these people HAD were bleeding strokes.

Recommended articles and videos on statins and natural health & holistic medicine:


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