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The Toxic Fruit Of The Celibacy Policy Of The Catholic Church

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The Toxic Fruit Of The Celibacy Policy Of The Catholic Church






“in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…forbidding to marry” [1 Timothy 4:1&3]


“A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife” [1 Timothy 3:2]

The Catholic Church leadership can no longer hide the facts. Priests are molesting children throughout the land. Literally hundreds of priests in this country alone, are preying on children. To try to hush this unprecedented crisis the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has spent upwards of 500 million dollars in out-of-court settlements. Thousands of Americans will never be the same again because of molestation by their priest when they were children. Victims tell of drug and alcohol addiction, nightmares, depression and suicide attempts which they trace to the time when they were molested by a priest.
You should be concerned about how many of these molesters are still ‘at-large’ – and perhaps living in your town – because Rome paid off the parents and the victims and then transferred the molesters to other parishes. Check out the list of sex-offender priests below for just a small glimpse of this sordid epidemic that the Roman Catholic church has been breeding, hiding and protecting for centuries.
PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means a complete list!
January 1992: “Father” Wilson Smart allegedly raped an altar boy years earlier and photographed him without clothes.

February 1992, Wisconsin: “Father” Bruce Hall was tried in Wisconsin for caressing a boy, 12 years of age, during visits to the rectory for counseling.

March 1992, California: “Father” Victor Ubaldi was charged by a San Diego woman for molesting her numerous times when she was a pre and early teenager.

April 1992, California: “Father” Patrick Kelly, aged 71, absconded to Ireland after being charged with molesting a little girl, having been forbidden to remain in the State of California.

May 1992, Arizona: “Father” Mark Lehman was sued by parents in the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ, who claimed he had molested their three children. He had received a ten year prison sentence only one month before for exploiting several other children.

June 1992, Massachusetts: “Father” Richard Lavigne in Shelbourne Falls, MA. was found guilty and jailed for 12 counts of child rape. For months he insisted that the accusations were part of a plot framed by a local group that had left his church.

July 1992, California: “Father” J.T. Monaghan (a retired priest) was charged with taking a 7 year old Sacramento girl, who he was counseling into the kitchen for cookies where he allegedly abused her.

August 1992, Indiana & Illinois: “Father” Patrick White, already under indictment in the State of Indiana for his abuse of boys, was arrested in Illinois for criminal sexual assault of a minor. At the time of his arrest, law enforcement officers found Mr. White destroying snapshots of nude boys.

September 1992, Massachusetts: “Father” Ron Provost was charged and found guilty to having taken photographs of unclothed boys (7 to 10 years old) in his rectory in Barre, MA. in order to obtain sexual pleasure. Some of the photos were 15 years old.

October 1992, New York: “‘Father” Daniel Calabrese sodomized a minor in his Poughkeepsie, N.Y. rectory and was found guilty. After sentencing him to 90 days in jail, the District Attorney, William Grady reprimanded Cardinal John O’Connor for ignoring previous complaints concerning Calabrese’s behavior.

November 1992, Wisconsin: “Father” David Malsch was charged with taking a 14 year old boy in Wausau, Wisconsin, to a motel for two days, where he fondled him in the pool, gave him alcohol and took photos of the boy without clothes in the motel room. The boy had a learning disability,

December 1992, Massachusetts & New Mexico: “Father” David Holley after being accused of molesting children in Worcester, MA. was transferred to Alamogordo, NM, to a treatment center known as the Servants of the Paraclete. In New Mexico, he allegedly molested other children.

1993, California: In Santa Barbara over 30 children were molested in a seminary.

1993, Illinois: Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet, IL, was quoted saying: “These are times that shake our faith and confidence in our most cherished systems and institutions. We hear about sexual abuse and the shattering effect it has on the victims, their families and the community. I am particularly shocked and saddened when I hear of allegations that some of our priests have committed these acts.” The bishop was speaking from experience as he had recently removed six molesting priests.

1993, Massachusetts: Former priest, James Porter was sentenced to 18 – 20 years in a Massachusetts State Prison by Superior Court Judge, Robert L. Steadman, in New Bedford, MA. Porter, 58 pleaded guilty to 41 counts of sexual abuse between 1961 and 1967 in five parishes in south eastern Massachusetts. He could be eligible for parole in six years. More than 100 victims of the ex-priest reached a civil agreement with the local Archdiocese in 1992. The New Bedford Standard Times reported a $1.5 million settlement with 31 additional victims. Porter’s case offers the largest example of clerical sexual abuse – or abuse by any individual – in American judicial history. Judge Steadman lambasted Porter for his outrageous conduct and complete disregard for the physical, spiritual and psychological impact be had on his victims. He called Porter “an effigy” representing all the other named and unnamed child abusers. Porter’s case was avidly pursued by victims who for many years had repressed memories of their abuse. Frank Fitzpatrick, now 43 said he was 39 before he could trace a lifetime of depression and lack of self esteem to the occasion on which he was drugged and molested by “Father” Porter.

1996, Ohio: An Ohio family suing the Catholic Church says their retarded son who died of AIDS got the disease from members of a religious order who raped him while he lived at a church-funded home.
A typical defensive response to this kind of information is: “It happens everywhere, not just in the Catholic Church”. Let’s not look for excuses but rather lets deal with this vile den of iniquity by exposing it and shutting it down if at all possible. And if you are a Catholic, stop supporting those child molesters and leave the wicked Catholic church as soon as possible and for good. Otherwise you are just as guilty as those molesters are. They don’t control heaven and they certainly have not cornered the market on salvation. The reason that Protestant churches came into existence was because some members of the Catholic clergy got sick and tired of the abuses and unbiblical practices of the Catholic Church and started exposing those abuses and practices (protesting against the corruption of the Church of Rome, hence the term Protestants). And in response to that exposure, the Catholic Church leadership tortured and executed as many of those reformers as they could. The “good” Catholic clergy that escaped the persecution of the Catholic church ended up starting their own “protestant” churches. If you are a Catholic who wants to please God and flee the corrupt Roman Church, then seek out a good bible-believing church. Some denominations that are pretty solid in their Christian teaching include Reformed Baptist, Orthodox Presbyterian and Sovereign Grace churches.


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