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God Loves Everybody. He Even Loved Hitler!

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God Loves Everybody… He Even Loved Hitler!

Does God Love Everybody Even Adolph Hitler

Ben Chwarmer: Pastor Joe says God loves everybody and that He even loved the satanic genicidal maniac Adolph Hitler! God would have saved Hitler if he would have accepted Jesus before he died, and maybe he actually did that.
Bible Believer: But how does your pastor know who God loves?
Ben Chwarmer: Well God loves everybody doesn’t He?
Bible Believer: In Psalms 5:5 and Psalms 11:5 the Bible says that God hates the workers of iniquity.
Ben Chwarmer: Oh, it doesn’t really mean that!
Bible Believer: It doesn’t?
Ben Chsarmer: No. It means God hates the sin… but He still loves the sinner.
Bible Believer: Well then why didn’t God say that?
Ben Chwarmer: Well maybe God doesn’t always say what He means.
Bible Believer: Oh I see. So how do you know when God is saying what He really means?
Ben Chwarmer: Oh, you know… when your pastor tells you. Your pastor will tell you if the Bible says something you should believe or not.
Bible Believer: Oh, is that Right?
Ben Chwarmer: Yes. That’s how it works.
Bible Believer: OK. So when God said in Romans chapter 9 “Jacob I loved but Esau I hated”, God was just kidding?
Ben Chwarmer: Right! God didn’t really hate Esau.
Bible Believer: But that’s what God said. He said He HATED Esau.
Ben Chwarmer: But that’s not what He meant.
Bible Believer: How can you say that?
Ben Chwarmer: Because God is a god of love and He doesn’t hate anybody.
Bible Believer: Does God hate Satan?
Ben Chwarmer: Probably not because God loves absolutely everybody, but I’m not 100% sure… I guess I’ll have to double check with my all-knowing pastor who does all the thinking for me.
Bible Believer: The Bible says that “God loved Jacob”. How do you know if God meant something else? Maybe He really didn’t mean that.
Ben Chwarmer: Well, if we know anything about God it is that He loves everybody unconditionally.
Bible Believer: In the Old Testament God commanded the Israelites to go out and kill the Philistines and many other people of various nations. Is that because God loved those enemies of Israel?
Ben Chwarmer: Yes. God loved those foreign nations so much that He only sent the finest soldiers of Israel out to kill them.
Bible Believer: I take it your pastor explained that to you also?
Ben Chwarmer: Yep. My pastor has got the Bible all figured out. He’s a real wiz when it comes to figuring out when God does not mean what He says!
Bible Believer: I’ll bet he is. And I bet he acquired his vast knowledge of the Bible by watching Benny Hinn on TV in between episodes of Bart Simpson and Family Guy.
Ben Chwarmer: Actually he carefully studies the pictures in the Children’s Illustrated Study Bible, to learn how to better explain God’s Word to lazy and willfully ignorant ADHD bench-warmers like me!
Bible Believer: Now that’s something I can definitely believe!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, It is my hope and prayer that this dialog about whom God loves will provoke you to study the Bible for yourself and not just listen to some pastor or preacher in a pulpit, whether it be on television or in your local church. Bad theology is so entrenched in the modern church that people think you’re nuts if you tell them that God does not love everybody. We may want to believe that He loves everybody but He does not say that. It may seem like God says that, if you look at a few Bible verses in isolation. But the fact of the matter is, God does indeed hate the workers of iniquity, not just their sins. He doesn’t just send sins to Hell. He sends sinners to Hell and not because He loves them. That is idiotic if you really think about it. God loves JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS and that is why He sends unsaved sinners to Hell. And that is why Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice at Calvary IS THE ONLY WAY to heaven and the only way to escape God’s eternal wrath in Hell. You can bank on that!


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