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Bible Concordances, Dictionaries & Commentaries

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Bible Concordances, Dictionaries & Commentaries

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“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” [Proverbs 11:14]


Suppliers Of Bible Study Books & References

Online Bible Dictionaries


The following links provide online access to various Bible dictionaries for several Bible versions although a majority of dictionaries pertain to the King James version.

Regarding Christian Theology

If it’s new… it’s probably not true.
If it’s true… it’s probably not new.



Other Christian Dictionaries & Glossaries (but not Bible dictionaries)

Greek & Hebrew Tutors:

Bible Commentaries (on-line and in print)


For anyone interested in serious Bible study, good commentaries can be very helpful.  They can point you to many verses related to a passage you are studying.  They can help you apply a Bible verse to your life.  They can also mislead you.  It is best to be very careful of which commentaries you use.  Not all commentators are “Reformed” and so they may have a wrong view of some very significant Bible doctrines, such as God’s sovereignty and man’s total depravity.  The following commentaries are pretty reliable, yet what they write is not inspired so keep that in mind as you utilize these Bible study aids.  Matthew Henry was reformed and his commentary has been popular for many years and reliable.  The best and most exhaustive commentary is probably John Gill’s Exposition of the Old and New Testaments. In print it is huge and expensive.  It can be found online for free and it also is available on CD.


To quote a pastor from Canada speaking about John Gill: “As a scholar of the Word, Gill has no equal today. For this reason his insights are still very often fresh and original. I have learned much from this mighty preacher, pastor and teacher! There have been times when I ended up disagreeing with a particular understanding of a verse or passage. But one had better have pretty good reasons to disagree with Gill since his grasp of the whole counsel of God was far superior to anyone I can think of living today.”.

Bible Commentaries As E-Books And PDF Files To Download

Collections Of Commentaries On-line

Spurgeon’s Catalog Of Commentaries

In his publication “Commenting & Commentaries” Charles Spurgeon put together a rather vast and helpful list of commentaries by noted Bible scholars. His immediate audience for that work at that time was the students of his Pastor’s College at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.



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