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A Catholic’s Prayer Of Repentance

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A Catholic’s Prayer Of Repentance

Or: How A Catholic Would Pray If They Truly Were Convicted By God Of Their Sin

Dear Lord Jesus,
Please forgive me for praying to Mary instead of to you, the only true mediator between God and man (1Timothy 2:5). Forgive me for being so focused on Mary instead of on you. Forgive me for all the “Hail Marys” I recited when I should have been giving praise, honor and devotion to you ALONE. Forgive me for all the idolatry I have practiced as a Catholic, in violation of your command against bowing down to and worshiping idols in Exodus 20:4-5. Forgive me for making excuses for all these things.
I now admit that just because the Catholic Church makes excuses for their false doctrines and false practices does not mean I should be making excuses. Have mercy on my sin-sick soul and grant me the salvation that comes from Jesus’ all-sufficient sacrifice at Calvary ALONE, a salvation that is NOT available through any sacraments, good deeds, prayers, penance or any other rituals of Catholicism. By your grace and mercy, and through the power of your Holy Spirit, enable me to obey your commands in the Bible rather than the commands of fallible men in Rome.
In JESUS name I pray. Amen.

prayer of repentance for catholic idolatry


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