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Memorized Catholic Talking Points And Favorite Claims

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Memorized Catholic Talking Points And Favorite Claims

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Here we go folks… a list of all the standard talking points and “come backs” that Catholics are trained to use in reply to anyone trying to point out false Catholic doctrine to them.

  1. We’re the one true Church.
  2. We gave you the Bible.
  3. Martin Luther removed books from the Bible.
  4. Jesus founded the Catholic Church.
  5. Which of the 40,000, Protestant denominations is correct?
  6. Martin Luther started your religion.
  7. I am saved, I am being saved, and I hope to be saved.
  8. Luther invented “faith alone”.
  9. Non-Catholics hate Mary.
  10. Mary is our spiritual mother.
  11. Mary is the ark of the New Covenant.
  12. Mary is our co-redeemer and co-mediator.
  13. We don’t pray to Mary, we ask her to pray for us.
  14. Mary brings our requests to Jesus.
  15. We don’t worship Mary. We venerate and honor her.
  16. Our statues are sacred objects, not idols.
  17. Why are you judging me?
  18. Are you sinless?
  19. Take the beam out of your eye before your try to take the speck out of my eye.
  20. Tell me who held your faith in the first century?
  21. Are you infallible? If not, why are you interpreting Scripture?
  22. Sola Scriptura is not in the Bible.
  23. We get many of our teachings from oral traditions. They don’t have to be in the Bible.
  24. Mary of our sacred traditions from the the Church fathers, not the Bible.
  25. We only listen to Church fathers who we have not labeled as heretics.
  26. Jesus started a Church, not a Bible.
  27. Peter was the first pope.
  28. The pope is Peter’s successor.
  29. We have the bones of the apostles in our cathedrals.
  30. More protestant pastors abuse children than Catholic priests abuse.
  31. The Catholic Church is 2,000 years old and started in 33 AD.
  32. Your religion is only 500 years old at most.
  33. You’re just a heretic.
  34. You’re an anti-Catholic bigot.
  35. You worship your pastor.
  36. The Bible is your idol.
  37. You were poorly catechized.
  38. You were not a properly evangelized Catholic.
  39. Protestants are woefully ignorant of history.
  40. The Apostles were Catholics.

This list will be updated as I glean more one-liners from Catholics trying to defend their false religion by repeating the church of Rome’s many false claims about themselves and their false accusations about anyone who would dare to challenge their man-made dogma. — RM Kane

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