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Will God Judge America?

Will God Judge America?


Many of us have put the American flag above the cross and Bible. We call this patriotism. But patriotism is wrong, if it takes its place above the cross and the Word of God.
Many American Christians would call it unpatriotic or “religiously incorrect” to say that God might, or will judge America for its wickedness. Many churches, pastors, and Christians would reject it. They just don’t want to hear that kind of thing; and most of us can understand why. It would put fear and panic in most Christians.
Many Christians who think America won’t be judged by God, stand on one single verse (2 Chronicles 7:14). But keep reading the rest of the passage connected with that verse (7:19-20). But if you turn away from my Word (the Bible) and become wicked [America], the result will be judgment. In Jeremiah (18:7-10) it tells us, that a nation to whom God has promised His blessings too, can forfeit it by disobedience and wickedness.
America should consider Babylon, Assyria/Nineveh, Israel, Judah, as well as the Persian, Greek and Roman Empires. They all fell! The Bible warns us, that God pours out His judgments on nations by crippling their economy.  Any Christian who thinks the United States is immune to God’s judgments does not know the Bible (See 1 Peter 4:17). Many of you are reading out of “the Bible for the United States” that says, God won’t judge this nation regardless of how wicked we become. Many American Christians believe our nation is “immune” to any such judgments because we are a Christian nation.  Don’t you see out bumper stickers and t-shirts that say “God Bless America”? We even have printed on our coins “In God we Trust”.
Yes, God is going to judge America for her wickedness. Many Christians will have to say goodbye to their $150 sneakers, credit cards, shopping sprees, new cars, and expensive clothes they cannot afford. Could 9-11 be a “wake-up” call for America to repent? In Deuteronomy (28:52) it says, “They will lay siege to all your cities throughout the land.”
This “prophecy” I bring you, is a warning based on my study of the Bible. America you are many times more wicked and back-slidden than Sodom or Nineveh ever was.
How will God (Judge America) or a nation?

  1. Finances: Financial calamity, personal and national debt, stock market woes.
  2. Fuel: High oil and gasoline prices.
  3. Food: Crop failures, food shortages, high prices at grocery stores, and famines.
  4. Jobs: Many jobs have and will go overseas, high unemployment.
  5. Terrorism: Terrorist attacks on our cities.
  6. Natural disasters: Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, drought and extreme weather.

Though American will be judged, God will preserve a repentant remnant from among His people, like He did in the Babylonian captivity.
SOURCE: Checkpoint School Of The Bible

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