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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

A Look At The Great Commission


“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

[Mark 16:15 ]


We are examining the effects of society and its own “gospel of tolerance” on the modern Church and the Church’s attitude towards sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tolerating evil instead of preaching boldly against it leads to tyrants taking more and more power over citizens of their country. That does not mean that preaching the Gospel and preaching against sin will prevent evil leaders from getting into positions of power. But the preaching of righteousness can and does have a sanitizing effect on a society and has been used of God to keep evil at bay.


Based upon secular history, biblical history and the signs of the times, the United States of America very likely will have the following future to look forward to:


1. A major catastrophic collapse of the stock market.


2. Many more home foreclosures and bank collapses.


3. People’s savings will completely disappear and so they will have nothing (no savings) except whatever belongings they “possess”.


4. Since most people will not have food or fuel (or tools or seeds to grow stuff or to harvest firewood) to last very long they will have to migrate to city centers where food, shelter, clothing, meds, etc. will be doled out by Uncle Sam.


5. City centers will eventually evolve into mass concentration camps to control people as things get more and more “unruly” since all those people in one place will lead to massive social problems like in a prison. 


6. People will be relocated from city centers to FEMA camps for further crowd control and extermination.


7. If enough people cannot be kept under control, the government may use a favorite population control tactic of the former Soviet Union… prevent food from getting into various areas in order to starve people to death.


8. The police and military will be used to round up guns and gun owners and other “dissidents” to get the rest of the folks to comply.  The DHS has already equipped local police forces with a frightening amount of space-age riot control gear and assault weapons.


9. If the people in power really want to thin out the herd, bioweapons like Ebola-pox will be released on the public giving people something really BIG to worry about other than the governmental tyranny and poverty.


10. The US military will use drones to single out “trouble makers” in less urban areas to set an example for those already herded up and for those who may be thinking about resisting the government’s programs.


11. The US government will hire mercenaries like Blackwater and also bring in UN troops, possibly from China, to do the dirty work that our own soldiers won’t do.


12. Whoever is left in the cities will be the American sweatshop workers of the 21st century for all the big corporations and international banksters who have created this “brave new world”. These “fortunate” survivors of the New World Order will get to see firsthand how the people of other countries have been living under socialism and fascism.



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