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Beyond The Knowledge Of The Krell

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Beyond The Knowledge Of The Krell


“The Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”
[Proverbs 2:6]



Anyone familiar with the all time classic sci-fi hit movie “Forbidden Planet” (made all the way back in 1956) should know what the phrase “the knowledge of the Krell” refers to. The Krell in that movie were a fictional extinct race of people with intelligence far beyond that of us poor primitive earthlings. Once they became extinct, all that was left of this super race was an underground super computer that stored all the scientific information they had ever amassed. This collection of information was referred to as “the knowledge of the Krell”. And yet, compared to the almighty God of the universe, their knowledge was vastly lacking. Those who saw the movie might have noticed that this Krell super race never found any answers to life’s most important questions:

  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going?
  • How we can know about the afterlife with certainty?
  • Is there a heaven and what is it like?
  • Is there a hell and who will end up there?

And without revelation from the Almighty (divine revelation), no one can know the answers to the above provocative questions. The knowledge of eternal spiritual issues, issues beyond the grave – is a kind of knowledge that is available only from those who either have been there and returned or from those who are not subject to the restraints of time, space, life and death – the Immortal – the Being who created those restraints for us mere mortals.


The problem for us mere mortals is not that such revelation does not exist. No, that is far from the problem. The problem is that when presented with the vast number of “supposed” revelations about the life beyond, we choose to accept any and all theories, while rejecting the one and only true revelation the Almighty has presented to us… the revelation presented in the Christian Bible. The cause for our consummate rejection of the true revelation is that it paints the most negative picture of us and reveals that we are so far from the image of the One True God when the main criteria used to judge us is holiness, that we are helpless to remedy that situation. We are entirely at the mercy of the Almighty and without His intervention to rescue us from our predicament, we will be damned forever in a place called Hell. Such a revelation is far too unpleasant for us to think about, therefore we reject such revelation as not worth entertaining. Yet, we reject it to our own doom… much like the Krell race in the Forbidden Planet movie, whose demise was the result of not realizing how much destructive evil was still trapped deep within their minds, in spite of their supposed millions of years of evolution. In fact, the specific reason why the Krell race was destroyed: they had invented a machine that could turn their thoughts into reality, not realizing that the evil thoughts in their subconscious minds would cause the machine to create monsters that would destroy their race.


“For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?”
[Romans 11:34]


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