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When Diversity Is Good And When Diversity Is Bad

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When Diversity Is Good And When Diversity Is Bad

when diversity is good or bad

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Some many groups and individuals are promoting, proclaiming and demanding diversity nowadays. And the general assumption is that that is a good thing. But is it really? When is diversity a good thing and when is it not?

Good Diversity

Diversity of race and ethnicity is a wonderful thing. It highlights the unique characteristics of the variety of peoples and nations on this earth. Along with that ethnicity we can often learn a lot about other cultures and their history and benefit from the positive aspects of those cultures. Some benefits include historical traditional medicine, agriculture, science and engineering – things that can be of benefit to other societies and cultures. Such diversity is an undeniable blessing to all parties involved.

when diversity is good or bad


Bad Diversity

Diversity in sexual preferences and in moral lifestyles, which are the PRIMARY types of diversity being promoted – and even DEMANDED – these days, is a very BAD kind of diversity. It is nothing more than moral decadence, rebellion against God’s standards of morality. This kind of diversity is really just a collection of detrimental moral choices that eventually lead to disease (STDs), suicide, drug addition, alcohol addition, relationship problems, confused children and ultimately the breakdown of society. The very idea of there being more than 2 genders is either insanity or an outright lie of God-hating sexual perverts. The sad truth is, it is the latter. The promotion of transgenderism in today’s world is leading to some very horrific consequences, where children are being mutilated surgically. And believe it or not, their brains and bodies are being damaged with so-called “transition drugs” (hormone treatments) that cause unnatural hormone levels in boys and girls whose bodies were designed (by God) to produce certain hormones at certain levels at a certain rate throughout the day, that cannot just be tampered with by doctors administering synthetic hormones at levels not being automatically metered by the human body. It is no coincidence that these so-called “transgender” persons are acting violently and irrationally out in society, because we are witnessing an awful experiment on the human body, that the corrupt medical establishment is profiting off of, while victimizing – for life – boys and girls and men and women. Over time, I would not be surprised to see these “transitioned” people dying prematurely of all sorts of cancers if they don’t commit suicide beforehand, from all those medical experiments done on their bodies.

How low can you go?

What was once considered one of the worst of all sex crimes – PEDOPHILIA – is now being labeled as “man-boy love”. What was once called SODOMY is now called an “alternative lifestyle” or “gay”. What was once called FORNICATION is now called “free love”. What was once called ADULTERY is now called “an extra-marital affair”. What was once called a PARTNER IN SIN is now called a “significant other”. What was once called SIN, is now a commonly accepted way of life. If you care about the temporal and eternal consequences of sinful lifestyles, you will start living life God’s way, of moral purity as outlined in the Bible. If you don’t care about the consequences, I assure you that there WILL be “Hell to pay”.

One more area of diversity

What about diversity in religion? Is that a good thing? If religions are supposed to lead people to Heaven in the afterlife, does that make all of them good? No, not if there is only one true way to Heaven. The false religions only lead people to Hell – eternal separation from God and all that is good. They may appear beneficial to people by their works of charity and by their good moral teachings but they serve more as a distraction from any TRUE road to Heaven, causing people to feel comfortable in their LOST (hell-bound) spiritual condition. Most false religions teach that Heaven can be reached by doing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds.
In reality, God’s standards are UNREACHABLE by our good deeds and self-righteous good works. Even on our best day, God considers us to be Hell-deserving sinners, all of us. God’s standard is moral perfection and there is only ONE WAY for mere mortals like us to obtain that standard of perfection. We must have it given to us from God. God can only give us that perfect righteousness if our sins are paid for by a being who is perfectly righteous. That perfectly righteous Being is the Lord Jesus Christ and He paid the world’s sin debt by sacrificing Himself when He died a horrible death of crucifixion 2,000 years ago on a cross outside of the city of Jerusalem. He then rose from the dead 3 days later, proving His divinity (His eternal nature) and proving that His payment of the world’s sin debt was complete. Have you received this gift from God? This gift of moral perfection (the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ) and the eternal life in Heaven that it provides? Do you see yourself as God sees you – as a rebellious Hell-deserving sinner in need of the soul-saving Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ? Seek Him while He may be found – seek Him in the Holy Bible. Tomorrow may be too late. We are all just one heart-beat away from eternity. It will be eternity in Hell for those who are not trusting in Jesus and His merits alone to pay their sin-debt to God.

“There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness” Proverbs 30:12


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