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Who Founded The United States?

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Who Founded The United States?

US United States Of America Founders Founding Fathers

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12

Have you ever wondered why America has enjoyed so much freedom and so much prosperity for so many years? Let me tell you, by first saying who America was NOT founded by…

  • It was NOT founded by godless evolution preaching atheists whose only morals are the ones they steal from others – if they feel like having any morals on any given day.

  • It was NOT founded by blood thirsty, money craving abortionists who so many Americans support by their taxes and by their sinful lifestyles.

  • It was NOT founded by druggies or alcoholics whose god is in a pill bottle or a beer can and whose only goal in life is to get high without minimal negative consequences.

  • It was NOT founded by immoral, sin-loving homos, lesbians, porn-addicts, adulterers, or fornicators who think that what they do in the privacy of their homes has no effect whatsoever on others.

  • It was NOT founded by materialistic, covetous, gamblers and lottery fanatics who are so unthankful for what they already have and who think that more money is going to improve their lot in life when even hitting the “big one” will do nothing to cure their moral bankruptcy.

  • In was NOT founded by lazy, self-centered, “users” whose only goal in life is to avoid working and have the government and others pay for everything.

  • It was NOT founded by ignorant sports fanatics who may know every team’s score for the last 20 years but know little to nothing about the God who made them.

  • It was NOT founded by Walmart shoppers who joyfully fill the pockets of the corporate billionaire crooks who have stolen their jobs.

  • It was NOT founded by “religious” people who think God is someone you pay lip service to on Sundays and other times when you think it’s appropriate or necessary.

America was founded by men who feared God and understood that they would one day stand before that God and give an account for how they lived their lives. What does that say about YOU?

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34



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