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A Prayer Reminder List

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A Prayer Reminder List


prayer reminder checklist

Some helpful reminders of things that God’s children should be praying about on a regular basis and what they should be focused on during time of prayer…
1. PRAISE GOD FOR WHO HE IS: Prayer is best started off with a supreme focus on God. We are to praise Him for WHO HE IS which we can do by praising Him for His many glorious attributes: holiness, power, majesty, love, mercy, justice, patience, guidance, wisdom.
2. PRAISE GOD FOR WHAT HE DOES: We are to praise Him for what He provides for us so abundantly: salvation, wisdom from His Word, peace, forgiveness, strength in the midst of our weakness, comfort in affliction, His daily provision in our lives, opportunities to serve Him… to be of use to Him in spite of our many flaws and weaknesses.
3. THE CHURCH: pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ (both local and world wide) to bear each other’s burdens and disciple one another. And to be witnesses for Christ in the world… by our holy living, by our love for the brethren, by our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, by our zeal for sharing the Gospel of God’s grace and mercy to a lost and dying world. We must never lose sight of the fact that God uses US to grow HIS Church, that God is our heavenly Father and that we will be spending eternity with Him and with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
4. MISSIONARIES: Granted, all true believers in Christ are missionaries wherever we are at, and we should certainly pray for the gospel to be boldly and clearly proclaimed by ourselves and by our local brothers and sisters in Christ. But if we are supporting others in foreign countries or domestically, in specific ministries, we should support them in prayer. And as we pray for missionaries, we should ask God to show us what He would have us do for these dear brothers and sisters – to support them – by phone calls, e-mail and letters of encouragement and not just financially.
5. MYSELF: to be conformed to Christ, to hide God’s Word in my heart that I would not sin against Him, to grow in my love for Him, for all His children and for all His commandments, to surrender my will to His completely, to have a forgiving spirit, to have self-sacrificial love, to have the joy of the Lord as my strength, to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when being persecuted for Christ’s sake, to hate every false way, especially in myself, to have a genuine love for the brethren and for the lost as exemplified by my thoughts words and deeds, to be anxious to let the world know how wonderful is my blessed Savior and Lord, to live a life of thankfulness for God’s grace in my life.
6. COMFORT AND HELP FOR THOSE WHO ARE: sick, dying, elderly, physically and mentally handicapped, hungry, homeless, jobless, divorced, separated, widowed, orphaned, crime victims, ravaged by war, abused (by parents, children, spouses, etc.), persecuted for preaching the Gospel.
7. WISDOM FOR: myself, church leaders & congregation, rulers and anyone in a position of authority, parents, people taking care of others, people facing major decisions in their lives (jobs, marriage, divorce, relocation, surgery, etc.), people sharing the Gospel locally and abroad.
8. SALVATION FOR: relatives, friends, neighbors, landlords, tenants, coworkers, store clerks, gas station attendants, restaurant workers, people who come to my door, people who call me on the phone, people I contact by mail, political leaders, judges, medical workers, teachers, youth, people who are dying, police, prisoners, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, cult members, atheists, drug addicts, alcoholics, homosexuals, fornicators, liars, adulterers, gamblers, smokers, pleasure seekers, abusers of themselves, abusers of others, mockers, people who use, manipulate, abuse or harm me in some way, and any people God will put in my path as I go about my daily activities.


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