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The Coming Collapse Of The U.S.A.

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The Coming Collapse Of The U.S.A.

And The Coming Collapse Of The World Economy


The signs of the coming collapse of America, Europe and the rest of the world is described herein with many references to substantiating news articles. The bizarre economic policies and the billion dollar bailouts of banking and other corporate criminals is about to bankrupt the United States.  But that probably does not have anyone concerned in the uppermost parts of the US government.  They are amassing enormous wealth and at the same time, taking all the steps necessary, financially and militarily to turn the American democracy into a socialist dictatorship, run by the international bankers and corporate billionaires.  How this will unfold is probably not too far from the scenario listed in the 15 points below.  And before you jump to the conclusion that I am engaging in some kind of unbiblical act of prophesying, I will state that I am only interpreting the signs of time in the light of Scripture and there are links to many news articles that relate to the signs being mentioned.


The Signs Of The Times

“When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” [Matthew 16:2-3]

Do your beliefs about your final destiny satisfy God?

Maybe they satisfy YOU but they need to satisfy GOD.



VIDEO: President Ronald Reagan Warning About How

Socialized Medicine (Like Obamacare) Is Used To Change A Society & Government


America – “The Land Of Forgetfulness”

“Shall thy wonders be known in the dark? and thy righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?”
[Psalm 88:12]

What many Christians and non-Christians alike don’t seem to realize is that history does repeat itself.  The Bible is full of warnings to God’s people of judgment for sin. Evil people can and will get into power if the masses are too preoccupied with their own selfishness and sin to see the judgment coming.  Rampant homosexual and heterosexual immorality and the monumental casualties of abortion in America are undeniable signs of the gross decadence and severe moral decline of our society.  Children are becoming as vulgar as the ungodly adults all around them and some are even more desensitized to violence than their adult counterparts. Whenever these signs appear in a society, history shows that God’s judgment is not very far away.


VIDEO: President John F Kennedy Warning

About The Secret Societies Running The US Government

(Basically he was referring to the criminals in the US government who would soon assassinate him)


Based upon secular history, biblical history and the signs of the times, the United States of America very likely will have the following future to look forward to…

Some Possible Coming Events:

Related News Articles:

1. A major catastrophic collapse of the stock market engineered by world banksters and corporate criminals who seek to depopulate the planet and control the remaining masses.  The bubble will burst sooner or later because you can’t print funny money forever and tax people to death without creating major economic havoc.
2. Many more home foreclosures will occur as people lose jobs and can no longer pay their mortgages on homes that are worth less than the balance on the mortgages owed by the homeowners.
3. Increasing numbers of people will become homeless because they are jobless and therefore can’t even afford to pay rent.
4. Increasing unemployment will add a huge economic burden on the Unemployment Compensation system. Eventually the public assistance programs will become bankrupt.  What do you think people will do when they have no more money for food, clothing, shelter and entertainment – and when the goverment stops providing foodstamps, housing assistance, utility assistance, medical assistance all the other taxpayer funded programs.  Unemployment means fewer tax payers and more people looking for government assistance.
5. Banks will default that no longer receive mortgage payments causing people’s savings to completely disappear and so they will have nothing (no savings) except whatever belongings they “possess”.  This will further escalate the burden on public assistance programs.  Don’t expect the FDIC to bail you out either.  They are already in trouble.
6. Local, state and federal and other public agencies will no longer have funds to support critical services such as police, road repairs, bridge repairs, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, garbage disposal, emergency workers, etc. Why do you think the DHS (Department Of Homeland Security) has supplied so many military tank style vehicles to local police forces – even the tiniest of rural communities?  SOCIAL UNREST will need to be dealt with and it won’t involve the police handing out Valentines Day cards. And why do you think they purchased billions of rounds of ammunition for a variety of government agencies including the IRS?
7. State and Federal “welfare” programs will collapse causing panic and rioting.   This will be the cause of the declaration of martial law… guns will be confiscated and then people will be transported to places where the government can “control” them better.  This is exactly what FEMA did after hurricane Katrina when they confiscated (without returning) all guns and put people in stadiums and trailer park camps.
8. Since most people will not have food or fuel (or tools or seeds to grow stuff or to harvest firewood) to last very long they will have to migrate to city centers where food, shelter, clothing, meds, etc. will be doled out by Uncle Sam.
9. People will be relocated from city centers to already established FEMA camps for further crowd control and extermination.
10. If enough people cannot be kept under control, the government may use a favorite population control tactic of the former Soviet Union… prevent food from getting into various areas in order to starve people to death.If the people in power really want to thin out the herd, bioweapons like Ebola-pox will be released on the public giving people something really BIG to worry about other than the governmental tyranny and poverty.
11. The police and military will be used to round up guns and gun owners and other “dissidents” to get the rest of the folks to comply.  The DHS has already equipped local police forces with a frightening amount of space-age riot control gear and assault weapons.   The stage is set and many heavily indoctrinated police officers who want to keep their jobs and their paychecks in this bad economy will do what they have to do to stay employed.
12. The US military will use drones to single out “trouble makers” in less urban areas to set an example for those already herded up and for those who may be thinking about resisting the government’s programs.  They used the drones to knock off “undesirables” in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now ready to do that here, now that all those census workers provided them with the GPS coordinates of everyone’s home in the US.
13. US soldiers will be indoctrinated to round up and kill “dissidents” under the false pretenses of fighting the war on terrorism (domestic terrorism).  The US government will hire mercenaries like Blackwater and also bring in UN troops, possibly from China, to do the dirty work that our own soldiers won’t do.  The major media are already creating “dissidents” to go after by demonizing Tea Party members, patriots, gun owners, libertarians, people of faith (primarily Christians), and anyone who criticizes the president (who are being called racists).
14. Anyone who dares to protest or complain about what is going on will be arrested and jailed, sent off to a work camp or exterminated, and all this will be done “legally” thanks to laws that our federal government has passed in recent years.  And you can forget about a right to a fair trail.  US law now allows you to be incarcerated without a trial.  All they have to do is label you an “enemy combatant”.
15. Whoever is left in the cities will be the American sweatshop workers of the 21st century for all the big corporations and international banksters who have created this “brave new world”. These “fortunate” survivors of the New World Order will get to see firsthand how the people of other countries have been living under socialism and fascism.


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