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Do Any True Atheists Really Exist?

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Do Any True Atheists Really Exist?

do any true real atheists exist

Besides the fact that you would have to be really ignorant, perhaps willfully ignorant, to think that the entire universe and everything in it came from nothing or had no maker or “first cause” (i.e. god), how can anyone who wishes to be honest – deny the overwhelming evidence in the world around them and deny the unquestionable signs of the handiwork of a super Intelligent Designer.  Point at a car and tell the atheist that it just appeared out of nowhere or that it evolved out of the ground by random chance and they will look at you as if you were mad.  Yet these same people expect the rest of us to believe the same story about the things in nature that are incredibly complex examples of intelligent design such as the molecular machines in single-celled bacteria or symbiotic systems in nature where one life form could never have existed without the life form that it is totally dependent on for survival.  Then there is the process in plant-life called photosynthesis that scientists are only now beginning to fully understand – that each plant is a complex chemical factory producing chemicals for the survival of the plant out of photons (energy particles in light waves), water, air and chemicals in the ground.


An atheist is forced to pretend that the world is a lot simpler than it really is, in order to get away with the idea that the extremely complex processes of life on earth could have magically appeared without the intervention of some kind of pre-existing super-intelligence and that everything came from some big explosion they call the big bang.  But they can’t tell you what caused the big bang and where the stuff came from that made the big bang and how in the world did the stuff figure out how to turn into the amazing creatures we see in the world around us today.


In my own conversations with atheists and in reading their ideas about origins I have come to realize that most atheists believe in God but they just don’t want to admit it because the are mad at God for creating a world they don’t like.  Maybe they lost a loved one or maybe they are crippled or have a disease.  Rather than admitting that they are angry at God for life’s circumstances they prefer to “get even” with God by waging a war against Him and anyone who shows any allegiance to Him. Their method of getting even and waging war is to deny God’s existence. — RM Kane



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