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I Don’t Believe In Atheists

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I Don’t Believe In Atheists


That’s right, I don’t believe in atheists.  I think people who say they are atheists are some of the most ardent believers in God on the planet.  They show it by their preoccupation with trying to disprove His existence, all the while, they just don’t like the way God does things.  If they were honest they would admit that they believe in God and they don’t like him… they may in fact hate Him and anyone who professes to love this God whom they despise.  They feel if they were God, they would do a much better job of running the planet.  They would not have a world with suffering, death, and evil.  Seeing those things in the world frustrates them.  They want to believe that God would never allow those things to exist if He really existed and really was good and really was in control of the earth.  And they tell themselves and others, that if He did exist, they would not want Him to be their God.  They don’t want to consider that they are responsible for the sin in their own hearts and that they can’t blame God for it.  Their pride and self-righteousness causes them to sit in judgment of others and of God Almighty, and it comforts their hypocritical hearts to do so.

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The above sign is a jab at the illogical thinking of many an atheist regarding our Creator and His magnificently DESIGNED creation.  Just because we don’t like the evidence and all that it implies, doesn’t mean the evidence does not exist.


The problems atheists are faced with include:

  • Enormous amounts of proof of God do exist and His complex, ordered, intricately designed universe is a tremenous testimony to that fact – which the atheist’s denial only serves to make the atheist a liar. It does not make God go away and does not make the universe conform to the simplistic and often preposterous arguments of the evolutionist.  The more a person studies the world around them, the more of a fool they become when they deny the overwhelmingly vast amounts of evidence for super-intelligent design, with DNA and molecular machines being just two glaring examples.  Mathematical probabilities totally rule out the idea that our complex world is the result of chance or random mutations.  EVERYTHING on earth and throughout the universe is incredibly interdependent.

  • They are not as smart as God nor are they as holy as God.  They only understand the minutest fraction of what there is to know about the world around them, even the workings of their own bodies, so how can they make a determination as to what a good God should or shouldn’t do?  What if God came up with a plan to show people the depth of His love, by coming into this world and allowing His creatures to scourge Him, mock Him, spit upon Him, and crucify Him? And He allowed all this to happen to pay for the sins of these wicked people and others who sinned against Him, including those who are so adamant about shutting God out of their lives, that they deny He even exists.

  • Why should God let them into heaven if they die and find out they were wrong about God?  In fact, these people would hate to spend eternity with a God whose commandments they trampled on or ignored their whole lives.  But then, if God is holy and just, and if sin has to be punished in order to satisfy the justice of God, who will be their savior after death, when they had a whole lifetime to repent and turn to Christ for salvation?  Indeed, their attitude towards God and sin will only get worse and worse as eternity wears on and as these former professing atheists heap up more sins upon themselves with every thought that crosses their minds and every word that comes out of their mouths in the unending eons of time that make up eternity.

  • They will die someday.  That’s right, a person can wave their fist in rebellion against God for only so long.  Eventually their appointment with death will arrive and they will have to answer to God for their sins just like every rebel who died before them.  Be they atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or the most devout Catholic on the planet, they will never experience the eternal blessings of the Almighty if they die in their sins, without having experienced the “new birth” in this life.  The new birth is necessary for ANYBODY who will ever go to heaven and who will ever hope to avoid eternity in hell.   The new birth (also known as being “born again“) is what makes a person the kind of religious fanatic who will be able to not only tolerate, but thoroughly enjoy being around a very holy God for all eternity… just as you may now enjoy being around people who love the things you love.


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