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Obvious Examples Of Intelligent Design

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Obvious Examples Of Intelligent Design


For the evolutionists who need to be told the obvious… an object in nature or a life form that shows evidence of design, had to have had a designer. It does not take an Einstein to figure that one out.  A garden had a gardener, a painting had a painter, a building had a builder, a book had an author, a computer program had a programmer.


Snowflakes Amoebas Viruses
snowflake shape example of intelligent design amoeba complexity example of intelligent design virus example of intelligent design
Does this look ramdom to you? I see symmetry and design in this ice crystal. How did all these internal systems develop in such a tiny one-celled creature? How do viruses know how to replicate themselves and attach themselves to host organisms?
Snail Shell Spider Web Walking Stick
snail shell cross-section example of intelligent design spider building web example of intelligent design walking stick insect example of intelligent design
Are the shell walls randomly spaced, random in thickness, random in curvature as you would expect if random chance produced the snail’s shell? Who taught the spider how to design a spider web, make the sticky web material and make oily feet so he would not stick to his own web? Did this bug evolve from a twig?
Bombardier Beetle Hummingbird Honeybee
bombardier beetle example of intelligent design hummingbird gathering flower nectar example of intelligent design honeybee collecting pollen example of intelligent design 
How did this bombardier beetle learn to create explosive binary chemicals and a mechanism to release them in just the right amounts at just the right time without blowing himself up? How did this bird harvest nectar before he developed his specialized beak? How did honeybees learn how to turn pollen into honey? How did they learn how to make beeswax?  How did they know how to make a hexagonal honeycomb structure for their hives?  Where on earth did they learn how to make Royal Jelly that they feed to certain larvae to turn those larvae into queen bees? 
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