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Richard Dawkins – Scientist Or Evangelist For Atheism?

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Richard Dawkins – Scientist Or Evangelist For Atheism?

Isn’t He Just A Crusader Against God & Religion?


PLEASE NOTE: This article is not for atheists who are in love with their Dawkins “messiah”.  It is for those who truly have an open mind and are not emotionally attached to the irrational dogma of heavily biased secular humanists.

richard dawkins worlds biggest fool

This self-appointed genius in the photo above (Richard Dawkins) thinks he’s an authority on the origins of life and yet he believes that given enough time, worms can turn into people.  Yes, I know he would never phrase his beliefs that way, but if a person is honest about evolution, then they must admit that their theory can be accurately summed up with that kind of a statement.  But they don’t like those kinds of statements because it makes them look foolish, so they use technical sounding weasel words and then back up their theories with imaginary evidence (such as the fossil frauds for human missing links like Piltdown man who turned out to be nothing more than a pig’s tooth).  And they talk about long periods of time as if it is a “given” that such long periods of time took place, and as if the passing of time was sufficient in and of itself to cause positive mutations to occur and as if beneficial mutations of increasing complexity (as would be evidenced by increasing genetic material) were things that have actually been observed to happen in the world as we know it. And he has the nerve to call believers in Intelligent Design “a disgrace to the human species”.  A person with his arrogance and his ignorance is a disgrace to the intelligence of worms, never mind humans.


The following videos show Dawkins for the charlatan behind the magic curtain that he really is.

This evolution “guru” can’t even answer the ONE foundational question upon which all of evolutionary theory hinges… That is, can he name just ONE example – in the entire world – of an instance where a mutation resulted in an increase in information in the genome?


Video interview of Richard Dawkins unable to answer a basic question on origins


Alternative copy of the above video interview of Richard Dawkins


Richard Dawkins ought to be ashamed of himself, promoting a theory that he knows is false. But like most atheists, he is at war with the God he says he does not believe in and like most atheists, he wages his war by waving his fist at God while trying, like a child, to erase God from his world by saying “I don’t believe you exist”, much like an ostrich hiding his head in the sand, hoping that something he does not like or is fearful of will simply go away by wishing it would.  He thinks if he gets enough people to agree with him, he will feel more comfortable in his rebellion against his Creator. The reason why so many atheists are waging this war is because they don’t like the world that God created, believing – in their conceit – that if they were God they would have done a better job in creating the world… they would have created a kinder, gentler world… never wanting to take responsibility for the rebellion, self-centeredness and outright evil in their own hearts.


Evolutionists = Liars lying to people who want to be lied to.


“Evolutionists ignore basic laws of science and claim that with the passing of time, everything becomes better organized, more highly structured, and in better shape in an accidental sort of way. But nobody with his eyes open has ever seen it happen.” – Harold Hill


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