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Relationship Tips For Men

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Relationship Tips For Men

relationship tips for men

1. Start with friendship. It takes the pressure off of you and the woman.
2. Be true to yourself. She can then learn who you are and who you are not.
3. Make your intentions known so boundaries can be set.
4. When the right time comes introduce her to your friends and family.
5. Be consistent in how you treat her. She needs to know you feel about her.
6. Keep your promises. Don’t make promises you can not keep.
7. Do not lie to her. There are no white lies, even if you tell her something that hurts. Don’t lose your confidence. Make it possible for her to trust you.
8.Be the first to tell her something she needs to hear. Don’t let her find out from someone else.
9. Be open with her in order to be honest. There are degrees of openness depending on the level that the relationship is at.
10. Show her that you can trust her. This will be in stages. Make sure you both agree that trust must be earned. Don’t trust her with areas she can not handle, or that are irrelevant to her, or that she already knows. She needs to know she can trust you with women you have to work wih or any you have contact with.
11. Do not hide things from her that she needs to know.
12. Apologize when you are wrong and be sincere. Let her know you are regretful.
13. Be patient when trying to earn trust. Be honest and consistent.
14. Trust yourself to be be trustworthy. Let her see your constant efforts to be sincere and persistent.
15.Don’t run from conflicts. Adress your problems when you have them. Forgive, let go and move on.
16. Be sensitive to the moment. Live in the moment.
17. Stay motivated, energetic and enthusiastic about the moment.
18. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
19. Don’t try to change the other person. Leave that to God.
20. Validate each other. Each of you have your own thoughts and feelings.
21. Put your faith in God and allow his strength to be made perfect in your weakesses.
22. Don’t expect perfection although you may have high expectations.
23. The quality of your relationship depends upon your willingness to make sacrifices for one another.
24. Discover your partner’s uniqueness and allow it to be free.
25. Don’t try to change each other. If that is what you are doing, it is one of the quickest ways to end the relationship.
26. If you have walls of protection built around you, it is not the other person’s responsibility to tear them down.
27. Trying to control or manipulate the other person will hurt or end the relationship.
28. Your choice of words will either enourage or discourage the relationship.
29. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. (The Bible – James 1:19)
30. You have not because you ask not or because you ask amiss. Assuming without facts will hurt the relationship.
31. Effective communication is one of your best tools.
32. When trying to solve problems get to the root of the problem and don’t just put bandaids on symptoms.
33. All relationships are not good for you. If this is the case, don’t prolong it. Let go gracefully and move on.
34. Forgive one another. Tell the other person what has offended you. Allow the other person time to change.
35. Relationships have to be built. They don’t just happen overnight. Growth takes time, development takes work.
36. Compliment one another on their clothes, hair, jewelry, or anything unique. Point out their good qualities.
37. Thank your friend for their kindness, for caring, for listening, for being nice to you and for being there for you. A woman likes to know you are paying attention, even to the little things.
38. Never bring up women in the past.
39. Never compare your friend to others.
40. Be romantic, passionate and affectionate.
41. Show your appreciation in ways that are meaningful.
42. Respect one another.
43. If the relationship is worth it, then keep it alive and don’t let it go. Don’t make foolish mistakes.
44. Never sacrifice your personal beliefs or your core values.
45. Anxiety, worry and fear only creates tension.
46. See-saw relationships go up and down and lead to no where but confusion, frustration and exhaustion.
47. The push-pull relationships are a result of deep problems that should be addressed through meaningful communication.
48. Learn from your mistakes.
49. Merry go round relationships go around and around and where it stops nobody knows.
50. Just because you have questions about each other does not mean they are objections.
51. Secrets can destroy a relationship. Usually there is an issue of fear. Maybe past shame, guilt, regret or even fear of rejection if what is hidden is exposed can be at stake.
52. Is jealousy an issue? What is the underlying cause? Jealousy is really a symptom.
— David Hammock

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