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Five Good Morning Poems

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Five Good Morning Poems

by James Riscinti


Good Morning Triumphant


Every morning is a gift from God,

with mercies new our rode to trod.

Greet each morning with a smile,

golden opportunities within each trial.

Set the theme for this day,

positive thoughts can lead the way.

Today will never be again,

so remember this Love from this Friend.

You were born to triumph!

Yes, original as you are.



Good Morning Fellow Smiler


Each morning begins with wonder and life,

a time for wisdom abandoning strife,

to sort our world and start again,

to turn away from so called friends.

Revering that which inspires,

turning from that which expires,

yet causes us to tire.

Moving forward we bravely seek,

to turn from that which makes us weak.

Regardless of the days that’s been,

this new is given to begin!

Yes it’s origina.



Good Morning Blissfulness


There’s no but now,

so just be time is now to be happy…

happy for one another,

caring support towards each other.

Be still and blissfully enjoy this moment.

A moment to cherish and not forsake,

to ask for what you can not make.

For from above come all not some,

yet we think we need to run.




Good Morning Fellow Dreamer


Though evil “seems” to ravish good.

But it just “seems” and never could!

And then, in spite and without permission,

it comes to pass, as was commissioned.

As when one awakens from a dream,

all is well and life is keen.

So be still and always ravish hope,

for all is serene and not as it “seems”.

Yes it’s original.



Good Morning Fellow Greeter of this Bright New Day


Why do I say it’s a bright new day,

cause troubles come to pass, not to stay,

though troubles and sadness may pursue,

they soon fade like the morning dew.

Hold this saying in your heart and happiness will not depart.

yes it’s original just as you 🙂


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