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Secular Humanism

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Secular Humanism


secular humanism religion in public schools definition and overview


Secular Humanism is the official religion of the US public school system and many other public school systems worldwide. It is based upon Darwinism, atheism, hedonism and pseudo-science.  It is a system of beliefs about man and his origins that are actually at odds against evidence in nature, geology, mathematics and science and that completely ignores evidence for Intelligent Design in the world around us.  Much of secular humanism is based upon the superstitious beliefs of Charles Darwin who thought he understood the world around him when as yet, there did not exist such tools for discovery as electron microscopes, space-based telescopes, mass spectrometers, particle beam accelerators, computers and even fields of study in college such as bio-chemistry and nuclear physics.  Yet teachers and so-called scientists, zealously cling to their atheistic humanistic dogma with a death grip that defies reason, unless of course that reason is that they fear the thought of having to meet their Maker some day.

What do secular humanists believe?  Well, that is hard to say, because what they say they believe is not necessarily what they actually believe deep down inside.  But for this article we will mention what they say they believe:

  • Secular Humanists say they do not believe in God, especially the Christian God of the Bible.  Yet all things we see in the world around us were created by someone or something as evidenced by their inherent DESIGN and COMPLEXITY.  However secular humanists prefer to believe, by blind faith (or active denial), that everything just evolved over time from a big explosion (which they call the “big bang”) a long long time ago.  Any explosions ever witnessed in our lifetime have not produced anything more ordered than the object that exploded.  In fact, explosions cause things to disintegrate, not evolve into anything more complex and better ordered.  That is one reason why we call secular humanism a religion, based not only on blind faith but upon the active denial of the laws of nature, science and mathematical probabilities.

  • Secular Humanists say they do not believe in Intelligent Design or an Intelligent Designer in spite of all the evidence in nature all around them.  They will admit that paintings are designed by painters, buildings by architects and bridges by engineers but things far more complex like the human body they attribute to random chance, though all the evidence in nature denies this wild theory. Nature reveals that many plants and animals are built upon designs that are patterned after “fractal geometry“. Still other living creatures are entirely dependent on other creatures for their very existence. We call these creatures parasitic and the interaction they have with the things they depend on for their existence is called “symbiosis” and these creatures and the things they depend on are called “symbiotic systems”. And let’s not forget that nature is full of examples of plants, animals and other things whose design contains fibonacci numbers“.

  • Secular Humanists say they believe in evolution, that humans were not created by God but that they evolved from nothing into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into proteins, proteins into living single-celled organisms that reproduce by cell division, into multiple celled creatures, into plants, into bugs, into birds, into mammals, into monkeys, and into people.  They have no transition fossils to prove any of this, and so “by faith” they believe that evolution is true[1].  The problem with that approach, is that their faith is in evolutionary “scientists” whose faith is in other evolutionists whose faith is in other evolutionists whose faith is in Charles Darwin, who as we now know, was horribly ignorant and even totally unaware of things like DNA and molecular machines and photosynthesis which the overly simplistic theories of evolution cannot even begin to explain without resorting to wild leaps of faith and denial of modern day evidence.

  • Secular Humanists say that there are no such things as moral absolutes, that morality is subjective and depends on the situation (i.e. “situational ethics”).  What they mean is, if it is a wrong action that affects them (or someone they care about) negatively then they care.  If it does not affect them, then they don’t care.  If it is a wrong action they are committing against themselves (or someone else is committing) and they want that behavior to be excused, tolerated, approved of or promoted, then they label that behavior as morally right or morally neutral.

  • Secular Humanists say that the Bible and the Jesus of Christianity are myths.  Yet there is vast historical, geological and anthropological evidence of the events, places and people mentioned in the Bible.  This belief of theirs is based on faith – faith in those who deny the facts.

Video: Fibonacci Sequence in Nature




While many public schools system administrators flagrantly deny the practice of – or even the mention of – religion in their classrooms or anywhere else on their property, they are simultaneously practicing and heavily promoting a religion, the “state religion” of secular humanism in their science classrooms and just about everywhere else on their property. — RM Kane
1. Many of the fossils presented by secular humanists and evolutions as “transition creatures” have been proven to be frauds, outright frauds, such as combinations of ape and human bones. The rest are nothing but conjecture, since the fossils have far too many variations in them to honestly conclude that they are the ancestors of any other creatures. And these people who promote transition creatures are unable to scientifically explain where the “extra” DNA information came from to turn fossilized creatures into more advanced modern creatures.


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