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Which Version Of The Bible Should You Use?

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Which Version Of The Bible Should You Use?

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What version of the Bible should you use? Well that depends on a couple of things:

1. How ACCURATE do you want it to be?

2. How COMPLETE do you want it to be?


How ACCURATE a translation do you want?

If you want something as easy to read as a fairy tale book then by all means use a paraphrase version like “The Book” or “The Living Bible”.  Those versions will give you the author’s opinion of what they think the Bible means.  Lazy ignorant people who don’t wish to worship God in spirit and in truth tend to love these versions.


How COMPLETE a translation do you want?


Most modern translations of the Bible are based upon corrupt and edited versions of the original manuscripts.  These modern translations are often the product of translators who don’t like certain parts of the original manuscripts so they choose the most corrupt Hebrew and Greek manuscripts to base their translations on.  And then they translate words to reflect their own corrupt theology.  That is why, for example, you will find that the word damnation is entirely missing from the New King James Version (NKJV) yet is found in the original King James Version.  In the NKJV a softer word is used (condemnation) instead damnation.  This minor difference is no big deal to people who want a more seeker-friendly Bible.  However, it is a most serious flaw in that translation since anyone can condemn another person but only God can damn a person.


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