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Catholics Really Are Mary Worshippers

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Catholics Really Are Mary Worshippers

Roman Catholics really are Blessed Virgin Mary worshipers


Let’s start this message by pointing out that Catholics are not properly instructed as to what “worship” is. Worship is to treat a creature like you should only treat your Creator. We will show with simple, clear examples, that Catholics treat Mary like they should only treat GOD.
Contrary to what Catholics are taught by their Church, they really do worship Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus Christ. In fact, if Catholics deny they worship Mary (the false glorified Catholic version of Mary), then they MUST admit that they don’t worship the Lord Jesus Christ either – and here is why I say this:

  • They name far more of their churches after Mary than after Jesus.

  • The have many more shrines dedicated to Mary than to Jesus.

  • They recite a prayer called the “Hail Mary” but they have no similar “Hail Jesus” prayer.

  • They have all kinds of medallions and statues of the image of Mary.

  • Everything Catholics do to honor Jesus Christ, they do on an even grander scale to honor Mary.

  • Their Mary has power over God – they claim that Jesus cannot refuse ANYTHING that Mary asks for.

  • Their Mary is omnipresent, just like God Almighty, since they believe that she can hear all their prayers no matter where they are, and

  • They also believe she can then do something about those prayers, no matter how many Catholics are praying to her at once.

Every time you kneel down in front of one of these religious statues and pray to the person they represent you are committing idolatry even if you don’t think so.

catholic people kneeling and worshiping Mary statue


Why Do Catholics Worship Rome’s Mary Goddess?

  • Is it because they don’t know that their behavior towards Mary includes acts of worship?
  • Is it because they don’t know that their church has given Mary the divine attributes of a goddess?
  • Is it because they don’t realize that Jesus is the central focus of true Christianity, not Mary?
  • Is it because they have been indoctrinated by their church to be preoccupied with Mary?
  • Is it ALL of the above?

“And he [Jesus] is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things HE [Jesus, NOT Mary] might have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:18

Catholic Mary goddess idol more venerated than Jesus


In Catholicism Jesus Is Typically Depicted As:

  • a helpless baby wearing a diaper
  • a piece of bread, which Catholics call the Eucharist
  • a dead man on a cross with a crown of thorns on His head
  • a long-haired effeminate-looking hippy standing next to His mommy

In Catholicism Mary Is Typically Depicted As:

  • the ever-caring mother of baby Jesus
  • a glorious goddess ON A THRONE in Heaven surrounded by angels who wait upon her
  • the magnificent Queen of Heaven with a gold crown on her head
  • the magnificent Queen of Heaven with a glowing halo around her head
  • the magnificent Queen of Heaven with a circle of stars around her head
  • the magnificent Queen of Heaven with beams of light radiating from her hands
  • the magnificent Queen of Heaven standing on top of Earth as if she ruled and reigned over the planet

So who is being worshipped here? Who is being exalted the most – Jesus OR Mary? Is it really that hard to SEE – or is it just hard to ADMIT as a Catholic who may not wish to acknowledge being deceived by their religion.

catholic pope crowning Mary goddess idol statue


Are Catholics preoccupied with the Lord Jesus Christ OR with their glorified false version of Mary?

Let’s take a look…

26 Names Of The False Catholic Mary:
1. Mary, Holy Mother of God
2. Holy Virgin of Virgins
3. Mother of the Church
4. Mother of Divine Grace
5. Mother of Good Counsel
6. Virgin Most Merciful
7. Mirror of Justice
8. Seat of Wisdom
9. Mystical Rose
10. Tower of David
11. Tower of Ivory
12. Ark of the Covenant
13. Gate of Heaven
14. Morning Star
15. Conceived Without Original Sin
16. Comforter of the Afflicted
17. Queen of Angels
18. Queen of all Saints
19. Queen Assumed into Heaven
20. Queen of the Holy Rosary
21. Undoer of Knots
22. Star of the Sea
23. Mother Most Sorrowful
24. Mother Thrice Admirable
25. Mother of Perpetual Help
26. Refuge of Sinners
SOURCE: https://epicpew.com/26-names-of-mary/



I could provide more examples and more evidence of the glorification and exaltation of Mary within the Catholic Church – and how it far exceeds any glory and honor that Catholics give to Jesus, but this should be sufficient to make the case that Catholics really are Mary worshipers, worshipers of the false Mary invented by the Catholic Church. — RM Kane

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