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The Blessed Virgin

Imaginary Mary

The Blessed Virgin – An Imaginary Being

Catholic mary blessed virgin immaculate mother of god fake imaginary


One of Roman Catholicism’s favorite people is someone they often refer to as the Blessed Virgin.  They are preoccupied with her, even though she does not exist.  This person they believe in and pray to is totally imaginary.  They think that Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus Christ is this person, a person whom they attribute all these abilities and qualities to:

  • She is co-redeemer in salvation with Christ
  • She suffered in a propitiatory way (a way that has spiritual benefit to other persons)
  • She is omnipresent (godlike and able to hear the prayers of every Roman Catholic on earth)
  • She ascended bodily into heaven (referred to by Catholics as “The Assumption Of Mary”)
  • She was sinless from birth to death (referred to as “The Immaculate Conception”)
  • She is a supreme ruler in heaven along with God (referred to as “The Queen Of Heaven”)
  • She is God’s mother (hence they pray to her as “mother of God” in their blasphemous “Hail Mary” prayer)
  • She was a virgin her whole life (hence the name “Blessed Virgin”, yet the Bible lists the names of the children that the real Mary had with Joseph as stated in Mark 6:3)

And these erroneous beliefs are the official teaching of the Catholic Church, not just what a few misguided Catholics happen to believe. What a shame that people worship this person who does not exist.  And it is an even bigger shame, and a tremendous insult to God that this person – this invented imaginary being – is used by the Church Of Rome, to deceive many and to get them to be preoccupied with a fake person, thereby taking their attention away from the real Person – the real Savior – Jesus Christ.

Look at how Catholics bow down to their Mary idol:


How pathetic and pitiful it is to see people bow down to a plaster statue of some imaginary being, a grossly distorted depiction of a person who would never want anyone to be so preoccupied with her and who never had any of the divine attributes that the Catholic church says she had.

catholic mary worshippers idolators mariology

A true church and a true Christian will always say what John The Baptist said:


“He [Jesus Christ] must increase, but I must decrease.” [John 3:30]


So, because the Catholic Church is directing people away from Jesus Christ by directing them towards their fictional Blessed Virgin, we can conclude that the Catholic Church is a false church, and its size and its claims about itself being the one true church change nothing in that regard.  A counterfeit is still a counterfeit, no matter how loudly the counterfeiter argues to the contrary.



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