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Unbiblical Inventions Of The Catholic Church

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Unbiblical Inventions Of The Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church unbiblical pagan inventions

Just to avoid Catholic knee-jerk reactions to what I am going to point out here, by “unbiblical” I mean things that were not practiced or taught by the early Church of the New Testament. Sure, you can find something in the Old Testament to seemingly justify various Catholic teachings and practices but those are often dishonest equivalencies such as claiming that the two winged cherubim on the ark of the covenant is justification for Catholic statues, which it most certainly is NOT. God commanded Moses to make ONE ark and TWO cherubim. God NEVER commanded Catholics or even the first century Church to make ANY statues of Mary or others. And yet Catholics have made literally millions of statues, not realizing that they are mimicking pagan idol worshipers in their use of religious statues in the practice of their religion.
So here is a list of many of the UNBIBLICAL Catholic inventions:

  1. a sacramental system
  2. holy water
  3. the mass
  4. the eucharist
  5. transubstantiation
  6. the sign of the cross
  7. statue veneration
  8. christenings
  9. miraculous medals
  10. confession booths
  11. confession to a priest
  12. sacrificial priesthood
  13. religious candles
  14. religious clothing
  15. penance
  16. relics
  17. scapulars
  18. incense use
  19. shrines
  20. mass cards & masses for the dead
  21. crucifixes
  22. monstrances
  23. stations of the cross
  24. praying novenas
  25. praying the rosary
  26. celebrating Lent
  27. celebrating Ash Wednesday
  28. celebrating Christmas
  29. celebrating Easter
  30. celebrating All Souls Day
  31. celebrating All Saints Day
  32. belief in the assumption of Mary
  33. belief in the immaculate conception
  34. holy orders
  35. holy days of obligation
  36. purgatory
  37. indulgences
  38. treasury of merit
  39. rosary beads
  40. altars in church meeting places
  41. last rites (a.k.a. extreme unction)
  42. confirmation ceremonies
  43. first holy communion ceremonies
  44. mary statues
  45. saint statues
  46. saint canonization
  47. calling church leaders “father”
  48. calling bishops “popes”
  49. calling popes or bishops “holy father”
  50. classes of Christians called popes
  51. classes of Christians called priests
  52. classes of Christians called nuns
  53. classes of Christians called cardinals
  54. classes of Christians called altar boys
  55. classes of Christians called altar monks
  56. specialized buildings called monasteries
  57. specialized buildings called convents
  58. establishing political embassies around the world
  59. a magisterium
  60. the idea of oral tradition superseding Scripture
  61. secret societies like Opus Dei or the Jesuits
  62. praying to mediators in Heaven other than Jesus
  63. religious headquarters on earth (such as the Vatican)
  64. torturing and murdering people considered heretics
  65. a false works-righteousness plan of salvation

The true Church, as described in the pages of the New Testament, was a far simpler entity than the religious monstrosity that is Catholicism. There was no massive clerical hierarchy. There was no 900 page Catholic Catechism. In fact, there were no Catholics – just Christians, brothers and sisters in Christ. Most gatherings of these believers were in homes, not in big fancy expensive buildings. Usually each local church was overseen (but not necessarily tightly controlled) by a plurality of elders. There were no popes and no priests. Communion was a memorial service commemorating the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and also celebrating the future wedding feast of the Lamb in Heaven some day. And communion was celebrated with ordinary bread, not some round wafer patterned after the sun god to be paraded around in a starburst-patterned “monstrance” that pagan sun god worshipers would use. Ironically, the persecuted underground churches that we hear about around the world today are more like the first century church than what we see in both Catholic and Protestant churches nowadays. Something to think about.
Our website has an entire section dedicated to sharing biblical information “About Church” that we encourage you to examine. — RM Kane


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